Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


Sorces? Arguments?


police officer training. yours?


I meant academic, since we’re talking about psychology.


mic. drop.


Yes, it can be tough backing up opinions disguised as arguments.


I wonder if the second group announced (at some point in time I guess), will be as heavily discussed as the first group. :wink:

Poll: Should anonymous profiles be allowed to become a Cardano Ambassador?

I wonder if the second group will be capable of more adult, open & impersonal dialogue and objective, constructive & efficient debate about an important topic :slight_smile:

We shall see …

Ps: members of first group who didn’t participate or didn’t feel this description fits them please ignore it :wink:


@knysna was banned yesterday for less personal “attack” … not smart.




In the interest of the community I will happily take a ban in opposing your dis-contention.
You simply have a way of creating toxicity in a group setting that is not fruitful when you have no direction.
I mean really what are you really trying to accomplish here?


Please feel free to check out all the other topics I have recently created or replies I have made on other topics. You look for the opportunity to fight and release your emotions and not for the opportunity to collaborate… at least be honest about this. Thanks


Thank you CF to publish the first bunch of ambassadors and the first step of the ambassador program! I like the chosen name and wonder how certain individuals can insist in changing name and meaning of the role, after they had proposed additional ambassadors categories some days before.

In my eyes this program is a recognition to those who contributed for many months in the different categories and with no incentives in sight. They organized meetups, wrote summaries to make topics more accessible for newbies, translated from English to their native language in order to support community growth at their home region. They wrote first kevm examples and shared their findings about cardano-sl metrics and reward schemes here in this forum, back in time when it was filled with more constructive and positive energy, than now, where it’s an embarrassing bunch of group politics and artificial drama shows.
Ambassadors care about Newbies by pointing them to the right piece of existing information instead of ignoring them. They actively participate - for example by adding piece by piece - to the cardanowiki. A real and honest contributor would never try to take it over because its cool what others build from ground zero, but now has to be changed substantially because of his opinions.
Ambassadors listen to the community, sumarise and give feedback. They try to connect people because they know and remember individuals and their ideas also over time. (Two Portuguese translators who learn to know from each other can join their skills and efforts and do much better than as individuals. Same for potential meetup organisators, developers, …)
This is team forming for a certain task, having a clear definition what it is about. It’s not group politics by attempting to establish a brand and then talk in the name of “the community” for all kind of far-fetched non-issues. I never believed in this groups idea and saw dangerous behaviour in it. Now much more than ever.
We se contributions to this forum starting with a long text and final opinion on all different kind of topics. in my opinion these are not good contributions but a bad example of what an influencer can try to achieve. It’s embarrassing and annoying to see how it is expected from others to adopt and agree to this declarative statements.

I really hope we can recover this forum and make it a great place for honest community building, ideas sharing and networking again. This I see as one of the biggest tasks for us ambassadors now, together with everyone who want to become a little individual piece of it, without aims to rule and drive so incredibly much.


You say you do not believe in this group idea but push your own groups ideas and for your own agendas. You have no transparency in neither identity nor salaries recieved nor prior contacts with CF. These are facts. There has been no statement on salaries or monetary compensation. There are members who are undisclosed. When it comes to pushing agendas I freely admit this is my speculation but anyone who have read these forums have to wonder why every single topic raised with important questions will then be followed with critisism from a group of ambassadors. You sure behave as a group with an agenda.


Why do you continue to insist of this group defintions? It’s a pure invention of you guys.
Do you have understood what decentralization is about?


I am not attacking the program. I was bringing up the issue of anonymity in the context of responsibility & representation and suggested a fair solution to debate.

Everything you wrote up there is what you want to put in my mouth, but you can’t back it up.

I am sorry but you are full of lies.

This is only a poor attempt from you to try to split the Watchdogs and try to make @Mihori and @Bullish feel uncomfortable with it.

You should have been banned after your first personal insult like @knysna yesterday. Your posts were flagged, nothing happened. This shows the current status of the Forum, fully biased.


Yes you have been attacking the official program, no matter how you see it to justify your attack you are attacking it, and it is a good program for the community and @Bullish and @Mihori should absolutely stand up and defend it against you as they are participants of it.


There is no ‘‘group’’. This should be clearly understood. I am not to be ‘grouped’ with @werkof, nor is anyone else who’s an ambassador as far as I know and am concerned.


…indeed it is but your speculation. And would be great if you kept speculations and rumors out of the discussion.

Yes, individuals with an agenda. The agenda to do exactly that which is described in the Ambassadors page, and exactly that which these individuals (including me) have been doing from the very first day they joined this community and project: to build the community and contribute the best each and everyONE can.

Who are you to ‘demand’ transparency from a random individual on the internet anyway? o_O

To be asking or even suggesting this is ridiculous and breaches forum policy imo. Then again, you seem to be ‘just speculating’.

And on that note, a great Sunday to you all! :slight_smile:


We do know what decentralization is, but obviously you don´t.

Highly simplified it´s about emergence; an extended, diverse & large “non-hierarchical” network of (identical or function based) nodes, where all the independent nodes collaborate following a consensus protocol and each of them is contributing to the utility (consented agreements) the network itself provides.

The larger the network, the stronger it is. The better the consensus protocol, the more efficient it is.

This is completely opposite to how our Community is organized at the moment. Just replace nodes with members of the Community.

You have all these passionate, motivated & talented people in the Community (in various social media channels) and we do not unleash the collective intelligence & power of this large network.

Instead of this we read: “Things are moving behind the screens, we are working on great things and they are speeding up.”

Instead of this we see the Community Management Team does not respond & ignore Community Feedback for more then 6 weeks now.

Instead of this we experience we should unquestionably accept whatever is being released, without brining up other opinion or issues, otherwise we are proclaimed as attackers of the System.

Instead of this we do recognize very clear patterns of group dynamics, politics & agenda.

There is a clear segmentation of the Community into regular Forum members, VIP (Lounge) members of the Community, Ambassador Slack Participants, and also a close inner circle.

We have these mission critical programs like the Cardano Ambassador Program, Cardano Hubs Program, which are being currently designed to define our Community future.

But instead of shaping these programs together as a Community we have a few elite decide our future for us.

If we look for representative democracy to have “special nodes” in the network, then the Cardano Social Council ( ) is a much more fair approach and obviously the Ambassadors are not legitimate representatives of the Community opinion (Voice of the Community), but rather champions of Community performance. Let´s not mix these.

To have the opportunity to influence, engage, participate & contribute should not be a question of position but a natural right to all Community members.

The clear sign of this lack of inclusion & collaboration is that there is no Community wide collaboration platform where the important things are happening and you may have members of the Community freely join and share their opinion, experience, contribute and if needed facilitate fair and transparent debates & voting.

If you allow one speculation, this is only possible, because the embarrassingly weak Community Managemen Team is hijacked by a few elite of our Community. This is why I am pushing on every channel to have this Team be strengthened by hiring exceptional talent (nothing less Cardano deserves). Another unfortunate factor was lifting up Community members & paying for their service in a non-transparent way like this intervening into an organic development of the Community. This is not to be mistaken with the fully justified and important aspect of having incentvies to be provided to the Community.

So back to decentralization, IMO we don´t have those characteristics and nothing reminds me here of the noble principles & values of Cardano, it feels like rather the usual corporate environment with dirty politics.

Cardano Ambassadors? Cardano Community Champions!

Once the Cardano voting system is live all your problems will be gone.
This will take a while but give it some time.

And Bercinho, you alone, are not “the Community”. You may have your own opinion but you can not change everything because you think it is better that way.
Let the community decide, and if we look at the outcome of the two polls which were made we can see a clear answer.



Polls where the Ambassadors themselves vote about the policies they should follow and only a few peope are given the fair & balanced context about the vote? :slight_smile:

Please let’s not speak about the poll, it reminds me of the Hungarian general elections :joy: For sure we can and will do better then this.

Btw it was not only my opinion, but @knysna got kicked out and maybe the others don’t want to go deep in this mess …

Can’t wait for Liquid democracy and all supporting community platforms. But it’s improtant how we get there as we are setting the pillars of the Community now.

Have a nice day :wink: off with the kids.