Opinion: Do we allow these Ambassadors to publicly lie?

On this thread announcing a public statement / open letter:


Many Ambassadors signed an incredible lie (used to justify their actions and make false moral & ethical statements), which is exposed below (image to indicate their lie, document attached is the print of their statement).

I am asking them to step down, this disgusting behavior is too much!

cardano.eco Home.pdf (180.3 KB)


I’m sorry, but can we just stop all of this drama? I’m not even directly part of all of this, but it’s just one thing after another with no stop in sight and the only goal seems to be to destroy one’s enemies. Why so much emphasis on “fixing the wrongs” when it merely leads to the destruction of everything in it’s wake?

I’m honestly not sure if it’s worth recommending the forum anymore nor investing anymore time here if this is literally all it’s going to be all day every day.


Mate, you are close with Markus in many ways so you are definitely biased.

When 7 people sign an incredible lie in the form of a public statement about how you are and what you were trying to achieve just to use it to justify their actions and try to get a higher moral ground, that´s too much.

But of course this doesn´t impact you, it´s not your group which has been attacked through a dirty lie.

People have to take responsibility for their behavior. That´s why I told Markus to grow up when he brought my private company into the mud.


I think they should find a way to disable random section’s notifications, so people won’t see new posts coming here. :sweat_smile:

I mean this can go on all years long till 2021.

Guys, this is getting annoying. Please, close this thread.


What is annoying is to having some people with really bad character & morals as Ambassadors … do you get what the thread is about?

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I think you are an intelligent person but you should stop labeling anyone who disagrees with you “buddies” of other GoC members.

Honestly, people have their own opinions in this forum and surprise, surprise, they don’t always coincide with yours.

What we all want is less drama and more substance at this point. I personally don’t care about who said what.

What I care about is if someone is adding value to the ecosystem. I won’t deny it, you did a great job finding all the connections in Mr. parsons case, but that phase is over.

You can continue playing Sherlock here, wasting your time, energy and intellect looking for conspiracies against you or you can choose to focus on building something on this platform.

I hope you find it in yourself to course-correct and be open to difference of opinions.


Yeah, I get it. I have seen this discussion at least 5 times on this forum already. I can already predict the posts that will appear here, nothing is going to be solved.

Flag the posts if you don’t like them and stop feeding the flame. It got so annoying that most people including myself don’t care anymore who is right…


I think you missing the point “only thing necessary for evil to exist is for good people to remain silent” Their are lie going around, double standards, shameful behaviour from Ambassadors which all will effect your Cardano if we let it be. It’s not nice i agree but we have a very weak paid M&C team at CF. We will have to start from the beginning again.


If you don´t mind that some of your Ambassador colleagues are publicly lying (and you have clear proof in the header of this thread), then we are looking forward to a very dirty Community.

We are setting the foundations and pillars of Cardano and you need people with strong integrity for that. People who have high moral & ethical standards.

I am sorry, but the ignorance of this issue now will cost as much more in the future.

Do you think I enjoy doing this shit?! But look again who posted the originating thread a retired Guy from the Forum who has already burnt himself with dirty play? (https://forum.cardano.org/t/an-open-letter-from-several-former-guardian)

It´s like growing grass, you can´t throw the grass seeds on a gloomy soil …

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@bercinho @knysna

Well then, I hope you enjoy continuing this bickering in the empty crater of a forum you yourselves are creating. Whether you think it’s a noble quest or not, it might be worth noticing the impact of your choices and if they actually meet their intended goals.

As for me, I am out of here for the next while, or until this all clears up. No need to waste more time in all of this. Cheers.


This is such a vicious cycle. This is not going to stop any time soon the way things are looking. It will not matter if you ban here on the forums. There will be other ways of communicating. But I will note what I have said several times before. I will respond to attacks. Not the other way around. If there where no attacks there would be no problems. But to say something that is not true and for us not to be allowed to ask important questions. Heck no. I have invested a lot of my time in ADA and I have contributed in several places and I will continue to do so if it is still possible. But for sure this is all damaging but it is better than the alternative to do nothing against these attacks.


Look, it’s not always black and white… people say a lot of things that don’t make sense, people change their minds ffs.

Integrity, morals and ethics are not something that translate well over the internet.

These are just empty words and without seeing actions for an extended period of time no one can make a reasonable judgement on these.

So you calling someone a lier doesn’t make you right and them wrong: there are always two sides. And I bet majority of people here don’t care about what went wrong between you guys.

This platform is open and won’t be controlled by anyone. Your actions and words won’t have any consequence on its governance unless you buy a substantial amount of ADA and convince everyone of your ways. Judging by your track record here, it won’t be easy.

The only point of contention I see here is that pot of money in CF and how you want it to be divided.

This is it. All this drama, all this questioning all these parallel Cardano hubs seems to me has he purpose of swaying this community to allocate some portion of cf funds to your vision and activities.

By extension anything that you see that could compete for those funds is bad and needs to be challenged. Question: why didn’t you apply to be an ambassador? Why reinvent the wheel?

That’s just my opinion, you are welcome to prove me wrong… with your actions.


did you read the statement?

Yes, and quite frankly (for posterity) we needed that as so far I feel we have been bombarded with one side of the story—yours.

At this point though I am really ready to focus on things that matter than having to react to posts like these.

You don’t know how many times I said to myself not to reply to these but I can’t stand and watch this forum turn into CryptoRealHousewives.


And it seems you don´t care it´s based on a screaming lie :slight_smile: I can´t help then.

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Someone blind to the truth need not excuse themselves. See you bobert

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People should be able to discuss whatever they want. Just choose not to read it. Problem solved.


It may very well be a screaming lie, but it involves only a small # of people. At this point it’s so convoluted that no one other than the people directly involved can make any sense to it.

With all due respect, take this bickering private. Talk to the CF or someone official if you feel it’s that important. The community isn’t paid enough to deal with this.


Quote of the day! or rather month!