An Open Letter from several former Guardians

Those who are wondering about the background to some of the disputes aired so noisily here recently might like to spend a few minutes reading this:

An Open Letter from several former Guardians


Oh man, I thought we have let this go and again attack the Watchdogs posted by a Guy who retired from the Forum according to the other thread?

On your website you say: " - An independent source of information for the Cardano Ecosystem", then in the text: “several independent thinkers and individual community members”, “We remain independent individuals who came together for a very special cause and we continue to remain independent” …

You are not independent, you are heavily involved, if you start with such a big lie how do you want anyone to trust what you write?

I will point out only one of the many lies in their statement.

I have explicity written and lobbied for a non-profit (!!!) Guardians of Cardano. I have sent educational videos on what non-profit means.

Here is Rick himself speaking about my non-profit proposal (then these guys just undersigned the entire lie of for-profit & how it doesn´t fit with values.)

Now they use the for-profit claim as their strongest argument and how it doesn´t match the values of Guardianship.

And this incredible lie I signed by these Ambassadors of our Community:


Anyway here is our version of the Story, which has been published quite a while ago:


We could have known you were the first to react :joy: no offence

I’m getting really tired of this. I personally don’t care about either of these groups and this infighting is just ridiculous.


Who the heck are you Micro86?

Oh another anonymous account trying to shape public opinion :)))

Who are the “We”? Obviously someone who signed the letter, so a Group B buddy :slight_smile:

Let´s clean this mess up:

Please don’t… I fully agree with @Gabor_Peto on this one… It’s becoming pretty annoying and you guys are already scaring new users away… I’m quite sure that’s in no ones interest. I can’t stop you guys from arguing I guess, but at least I can ask you to take it to private messages and not litter the forum with it.


I am not that anonymous if you look at my profile but oke.
I am just someone that reads every post on this forum, not saying a lot, my choice.

But I get sick of al the negative responces, and most of the time they come from you.
And I don’t know why that is… there is no need to.

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Bud, how is this going to “clean things up”? To me this adds to the level of complexity N fold. I don’t see why anyone that isn’t an employee of CF or being reimbursed by CF would need to reveal their identity.


Personally I’m tired of this too :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No one can have discussion anymore, everything has to do with the GoC fight.

But if that’s the way it is… :sob::sob:

Well it´s a new thing that they lie in public as Ambassadors …

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Come on guys. Let’s close this thread and not have yet another pointless discussions about this topic. No one cares about this pathetic show of egos.

Bunch of people had a semi-public dispute and just keep on posting the same stuff over and over again. Can we close this thread, please?


Yaa… and guess not everyone can get sponsored by IOHK… :frowning:

From the guy who wrote an apology for posting with a fake user slandering on Watchdogs. Again - just facts.


This open letter linked by @RobJF is also coming from myself, seemed important to all of us to make a statement that reflected we are independent of each other, we are not working together as a group much like you dogs are, and this becomes important in the future as I personally have very strong suspicions that the tactics that your group has used in the past will continue to be used as you position yourselves together to reap some benefit at the expense of the community - I have said I will oppose your group based on your foundations having what is in my opinion scammy and unethical, so the past being clear and the future clear that I act independently is very important.

With that said, Eystein I wish you were a lawyer here in the states behind our bar, I would demonstrate what the exact nature of the incessant barrage your group takes in calling me a liar and how your participation in supporting the group violates codes of conduct and maybe get you to rethink your position, I am sure you have your own codes of conduct in your country, unfortunately for me navigating them would be very difficult - food for thought - .

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Your opinions. My opinions. We are allowed to have them in pretty much any civilized legal system.


How come I can’t find the smoke screen part in the open letter??:sweat_smile:

According to Rick and Andy:


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