Charles Hoskinson's Surprise AMA - 16/06/2020

Charles Hoskinson’s Surprise AMA - 16/06/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On June 16th Charles Hoskinson sat down to give a surprise AMA.

Hitting deadlines

IOHK hit the deadline for connecting the wallet backend to the Shelley node. We are now working towards the balance check and the hardfork combinator. Based on next week’s test we will either launch on the 30th of June or July 7th.

It is exciting to see the balance check happening. After 5 years of amazing work we are finally here. We went from whiteboard, to conversations, to many failures to this moment. In spite of all of this we are making it happen. Shelley will be out. This is an incredibly special moment that we are looking forward to sharing with everyone.

Sharing with the community

The real victories are those that can be shared with a community. Cardano is a global community. This is a moment that we’re all looking forward to sharing because it happened because of all of us. We thank everyone who has stuck with us.

We are now in the ITN clean up phase. Some within IOHK are looking for a way to continue the ITN, particularly as an experimental chain. To anyone who is currently working on the ITN, if you want to see this built into another project, we encourage you to continue staking and working with it.

In terms of Goguen we are currently looking into it. We will be making more announcements at the virtual summit so we encourage everyone interested to go to the virtual summit website and sign up to join in. We have over 100 speakers registered at the moment with many more in attendance. Vint Serf and Stephen Wolfram will be speaking. We hope that we can have over 10 thousand people participating.

AMA Questions

10:01 What is your favorite song from ‘Wish you were here?’

10:56 Favorite composer?

11:15 What kind of artificial fabric would you like to see in the future?

11:50 Any fear of the SEC?

12:27 Still working with Polymath?

12:57 When will the team agree on the K value?

13:15 You didn’t like Ripple’s hire of Ben Lawsky?

14:50 Can you talk about Cardano’s stablecoin research?

15:27 Hardware logins for Daedalus?

17:30 How is work in Africa going?

18:20 Backing Bill Gates? Really?

21:20 Would there be any point of smart contracts in Cardano without GCJS?

21:45 When can we play Legends of Valour?

22:23 Who will do the music for Legends of Valour?

23:40 When Shelley delay?

24:10 Did Craig Wright accidentally admit to the Mt. Gox Hack?

26:00 do you subscribe to Hollow Fractal theory?

26:11 Is Shelley on schedule/Do you see a roadblock?

26:40 What do you think of the Seattle autonomous zone?

32:16 Prism?

33:10 Name a book that inspired you?

35:00 Books on critical thinking?

37:45 Charles, what causes you the most hair loss, IOHK, ETH, ETC, or your farm?

38:47 Bitcoin education\certification project?

40:20 Can you talk about delegation?

41:37 Can you explain Turing complete, and is it necessary?

48:50 What is Honeycomb?

49:30 Can you talk about the ada card?

50:20 Opinions on the Confederate Flag?

55:10 No statues of Hitler in Germany.

55:40 There are rumors circulating about the launch on July 3rd.

57:40 Color coin?

58:15 Worst top ten coin?

1:00:12 Getting into Javascript now.

1:02:10 Do you have beef with Travon James?

1:03:19 When will we see McCann’s work?

1:04:04 What’s wrong with Object Oriented languages?

1:05:55 Is Python good for blockchains?

1:06:40 What does Wolfram have to do with blockchain?

1:07:49 What do you think about AI lawyers?