Congratulations to the recipients of stake pool dashboard grants

Last month, the Cardano Foundation called upon the community to submit their stake pool dashboard and monitoring tools to be considered for a grant. We received a high number of exceptional calibre RFPs from the community.

As we received a lot more great proposals than expected, the Cardano Foundation decided to grant five proposals a US$1000 each month for a period of three months.

We judged them thoroughly and determined five worthy grant recipients.

Here are our five grant recipients for their stake pool dashboard and monitoring tools:
Winners RFP - Global-480p-0d5e4b12-2c1d-4216-b5e4-33c3cb86ff7b

Adapools - :

The grant will be used…
to devote much more time to the product and deliver a more sophisticated and complex version of the tool.

Adastat - @dmitry.stas :

to service development in addition to transferring the backend to the Haskell node and adding support for the Shelley Mainnet as well as to add some new features.

JorManager - @AndrewWestberg :

to monitor stake pools, respond to errors in real time, and report statistics to third-party performance aggregation tools.

Pegasus App - @Pegasus :

to keep the Pegasus services free for the community and provide the information delegators need to make the best decisions throughout their staking journey.

Pooltool - @papa_carp :

to help support a graceful migration to the Mainnet. Multiple exciting features have been planned above and beyond what you see in the current PoolTool implementation.

All recipients are notified by email.

Congratulations to the recipients and thank you all for your great ideas and support!


Excellent tools on that list. I’ve used several of them quite often. :+1:


Awesome, all are great tools.

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Well deserved. these guys are doing some much for the community . :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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Excellent news - very exciting time for the Cardano community…many thanks to all the recipients for their commitment to the project!

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Congratulations to the participants!

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Congrats everyone!!!

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Great news

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