Request for proposal for stake pool dashboard and monitoring tools

(Written by @Nathan_Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation)
Dear all,

The ongoing lockdown has not slowed us down at the Cardano Foundation. In fact, we have been very busy on all fronts. To get busier, we decided to do a test pilot (so, do not scold us for things that might go wrong) and hear from you.

The Cardano Foundation will finance a maximum of three stakepool dashboard and monitoring tool projects for up to US$1,000 each month in the form of a grant for the duration of six months. Below are some terms and conditions:

  • Everyone is welcome to bid for the grant;
  • Grant will be given to ready-to-use products;
  • Three projects or less will be selected – subject to quality;
  • Selection reasoning will be very brief, no additional correspondence;
  • The Cardano Foundation reserves the right to amend this RFP as it deems necessary;
  • There will be no recourse and no complaint procedure.

Please send your grant application to by 10 May 2020.

Best of luck!

Stay safe, stay at home and let’s build!


@_ilap I hope you consider taking part in this.


Great initiative


Great to see Cardano supporting the tools so many operators use to make their stakepools and the whole system better!


What data should be provided in the application?

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A link to the tool and a short description should be sufficient. But please feel free to provide any additional information. :+1:


I have been waiting and asking for this, thank for the opportunity.


Good morning,
one thing that doesn’t seem to be 100% clear from the video and forum post: this grant is not for ideas, we are looking for already useable products. Tools that you can use today. Like websites, Telegram bots, apps and such.


Very brief update on this: we have received ten great proposals, exceeding all our expectations. We are already at the evaluation stage and will soon come to a result.


Hello and thanks for keeping us up to date! I didn’t get any sort confirmation on the reception of my proposal, still I hope to be there among those proposals.


Welcome @arguser

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Hey there, you’ve been doing JorManager right?