Charles Hoskinson's Interview on Messari's "Unqualified Opinions" - 15/06/2020

Charles Hoskinson’s Interview on Messari’s “Unqualified Opinions” - 15/06/2020

On June 15th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an interview with Messari.

(By @Eric_Czuleger)

Below are timestamps of the questions he was asked during this particular discussion.


10:01 How are you and how is the project?

20:25 Can you talk about the virtual summit?\Contrast between Ethereum?

23:38 How does Shelley move Cardano towards the full launch of the Cardano ecosystem?

28:21 How does a POS system like Cardano prevent monopoly from large controllers of stake like exchanges?

35:20 What do platforms like Ethereum and Cardano need to do in order to create network effect?

47:30 What does the multi-chain future look like to you?

51:05 What are other POS systems doing wrong?

58:20 What are your key milestones for the next couple of months?

1:03 Does the move to Shelley help with listing and securities laws?

1:07 Three books that have changed your worldview?


The time between those questions is characteristic for a Charles interview… This man doesn’t stop talking :smile:
Was nice to see the interviewer thinking: When do I finally get the chance to ask another question…

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Here is the interview on Youtube:

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