MUST SEE: "Unqualified Opinions" podcast from Messari, "Building Cardano with IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson"

Have you seen Charles’ recent interview on the “Unqualified Opinions” from Messari: “Building Cardano with IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson”?

There are very few people who have created a top 20 cryptocurrency. Charles Hoskinson is one of them. In this conversation, Charles details his cryptocurrency and blockchain path, ultimately leading to the creation of Cardano.

Charles also details how he structured Cardano “like a DARPA project” with a deep focus on R&D and why they’re concentrating heavily on development in Africa. He lays out his philosophy and strategy for building a network that will one day no longer be reliant on its founders and how he views the overall competitive landscape. And more!

Check it out here: