Charles interview from IOHK summit

About 26 minutes in he talks about benefits to Cardano from Atala

Around the 34:30 mark he mentions an MOU with a major shoe manufacturer for anti-counterfeiting using ATALA. There’s the stable coin and now possibly non-fungible tokens. Thoughts on this?

The Shoe MOU was mentioned at the Summit but has gotten zero press or mentions since. I am also very curious about that.

BTW another thing that struck me from that interview was his description of the quality of the applicants For the IOHK Plutus class in Ethiopia. One thing I noticed from my short visits to Africa was how much people value education there. I thought one reason is that in many places primary school is not free like it is in much of the Western world and people have to sacrifice a great deal to get an education. I am very excited to see the quality of developers that come out of Africa in the coming years.

I’ve met some people who grew up in developing countries and others in developed countries. You’ll realize how people from the developing nations give a lot of importance to education where you need a degree of some sort to be even considered for a decent job compared to the west where you can get a stable job finishing high school. People who can see the sacrifice made to get their education tend to make the most out of it, most who get it for free think it’s just something to tick of a checklist and move on.