Surprise AMA with Charles Hoskinson 08/10/2018

  • 2:40 - Tell us about the fight with Vitalik Buterin.
  • 7:12 - When mobile wallet? When Ledger?
  • 10:10 - What stops Cardano from being No. 1 right now?
  • 14:27 - What do you think Cardano’s use cases will be for real-world people?
  • 20:17 - Any thoughts on the ETC summit?
  • 22:46 - Does IOHK have enough funding for project completion?
  • 23:00 - Why does Cardano have slow development?
  • 23:17 - BTC dumping?
  • 27:36 - Do you think the public blockchain space needs to converge to a handful of reliable and robust currencies before one of them could ever have a chance of replacing a fiat currency?
  • 31:47 - DAG protocols?
  • 36:34 - What are your thoughts on Bitcoin maximalists and their perspective on the crypto space?
  • 41:04 - Who is your successor?
  • 45:04 - What’s the burn rate of the team of developers working on Cardano?
  • 45:50 - How is Cardano going to manage the distribution of ADA throughout the community, to ensure ADA isn’t owned by a group of wealthy individuals to allow ADA to be used as a proper currency? / Burning coins?
  • 51:25 - Staking?
  • 56:13 - Smart contracts, linking the systems together, sidechains.
  • 1:00:24 - Would it be possible for IOHK to organize workshops/tutorials to teach the community to read/write formal specifications to increase the safety of the ecosystem?
  • 1:07:55 - “People talk about mount gox owning a mass supply of BTC. Charles Hoskins owns 40% Ada shares. He’s hiding between 15 countries. Where did 30 billion go in 4 weeks Charles ?” / On cryptocurrency markets and communities, media manipulation.
  • 1:16:40 - Concerns about Cardano?
  • 1:19:50 - System of peer review used?
  • 1:31:32 - Block validation on sidechains?
  • 1:34:41 - RINA?
  • 1:39:39 - Is Cardano working to comply with US government regulation?
  • 1:45:24 - What has surprised you the most about the Cardano journey?

How to do Peer Review?

Thanks for creating this thread and posting. I really enjoyed that AMA and was glad to see it live.


This is great! I love the new AMA format. Gives so much clarity to what’s happening from the guy who has the birds-eye view of the whole thing. Keep it up Charles!


Thank you for the already indexed and linked questions. Love this community :star_struck:


Thanks hayamoto_jr for creating and the feed and THANKS to Charles for another great AMA. Charles, I hope you get the opportunity to present to Wall Street. When I read about the Wall Street firms wanting to create their own crypto, I think - wouldn’t Cardano be perfect for their use case. Thanks again
hayamoto_jr and Charles!


Where did people ask these questions? I really like their quality. A huge departure from some of his “interviews”, very informative and I want to get to ask some of my own!


In YouTube chat, you can see the questions in the chat replay.


That was awesome AMA as usual! thank you


So glad I got to ask a question which he took the time to answer. I asked about the concerns of the cardano project. I liked that most of his concerns were in a past tense.


I think the distribution is very important, however not the initial one but the one where the system converges to.
As C well said, our current (interest-inflation based) economic system’s wrong, and unfortunately the mass of the economists are trying to solve its well-known (and sometimes fatal) issues by thinking only inside the box.
But, it can be clearly seen, assuming studied math and economics, that the exponential growth (due to positive interest) is not sustainable and converge only to a small group of ppl (can be modelled very easily /w a very simple math).
Though, the interest can be positive, zero or negative. But, they only try to find solutions using models based on the positive one (a very strong economic incentives for those small group of ppl) instead of trying to model the zero or negative ones.

EDIT: currency means in circulation, usually comes from a requirement of having something that effectively replace bartering or to marchendise/trade easy, and I cannot see such forces from the market yet.


Great video, it kept me interested from start to finish. Hope to see you in South Africa!