15.1.2019 - January AMA with Charles Hoskinson

This is my breakdown of the AMA:

0:00 Intro
1:30 Internal workshop in Berlin
11:00 How do we get to Shelley
19:30 How do we build up stake pools.
21:38 Gradual decentralization
27:50 Plutus, Marlow, extended UTXO, mockchain
31:00 Multi asset, staking rewards, terminal support, API extensions
35:35 Threshold Multi Signature (TMS), lite client, sidechains, very fast bootstrapping
38:40 What Cardano makes super competitive in 2019
39:45 Fairness of POS vs POW
42:00 Daedalus dapp platform
51:50 Satellite staking pools / backbones and alternatives
58:42 possible password corruption edge case with Daedalus
1:01:30 if Crypto Kitties would be ported to Cardano would it be sizably better? (scalability, TPS, trade-off between throughput and latency)
1:14:40 Are you patenting?
1:16:05 You know jiu-jitsu?
1:16:50 Is it possible to tokenize intellectual property rights on Cardano? (non fungible assets, DRM in games)
1:22:02 When can we expect Daedalus support for Ledger?
1:24:44 When docker images? (docker image is an easy way to provide and execute code, like for stake pool nodes)
1:25:35 Embedded images on old address styles
1:26:00 Tripoli Symposium
1:27:00 Cardano blockchain deployment Ethiopia, MOOC


Thank you for the efforts. It can take a considerable amount of time to make these timelines for a 1.5 hour video. Much appreciated.


Thanks for chronicling the AMA @adatainment!! Very useful to everyone!

I’ve moved this thread to News & Announcement with past AMA’s reside so Forum users can head to one place! Hope that’s cool with you! Let me know if you’d like it moved back to Random. :slight_smile: