Christmas AMA Breakdown

This is my breakdown of the Christmas AMA:
0:01 Intro and announcements: IOHK summit, papers, hiring engineers
3:40 troll comment on “ADA is dead, work for Binance instead”
3:55 How Ouroboros works in a nutshell: staking pools, slot leader elections, delegation, cold staking
10:32 Will you have a sidechain for security tokens?
23:40 Shorter addresses, human readability, aliases
30:05 Daedalus wallet stuck in restoration issues after updating to 1.4
32:50 How do you feel about EOS?
33:04 Staking on mobile version of Yoroi and other wallets.
34:39 Talk about the current ETC situation and future involvement.
41:15 How easy will it be to for Ethereum projects to switch to Cardano platform?
47:30 Plans to have a dapp platform and what the future for Daedalus will look like.
51:44 How to you compete against current payments like credit cards?
1:02:22 Tangem Hardware wallets and how they could work as multi sig. (Spending wallet and recovery wallet)
1:05:30 Your phone? (Spoiler: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus)
1:06:00 Role of the Cardano Foundation in 2019.
1:13:05 Why such a high supply for ADA?
1:16:56 Donating to the Cardano Foundation?
1:22:59 Plutus Hackathons and other programming languages for Smart Contracts
1:29:45 troll comment on “Cardano has no smart contracts that can used today like blockchains already have”
1:34:30 Where in Wyoming are you moving IOHK?


Come on Ray. As the troll, Ray, was addressed. He actually apologized for his question in the chat.

I was probably most excited hearing Charles describe the very altruistic reasons for moving IO from Hong Kong to Wyoming.

I feel like we have a front row seat to a movement.