AMA 02/16/2019 breakdown with timestamps

The AMA 02/16/2019 breakdown with timestamps:

0:00 Greetings from Colorado with camera problems
0:59 Update on support for Ledger device
3:04 Update on Shelley progress: version 1.5, the first update in Shelley phase, is on it’s way.
5:39 Final delegation specs
9:27 Specs for extended UTXO multi asset accounting and sidechains
9:53 When can I stake? (Shelley testnet)
12:26 Stake pool taskforce to create staking FAQ
16:50 Enterprise workgroup led by Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
20:23 Fast recap: Shelley, staking, testnet, specs, Rust, Haskel
22:23 Will staking pool software run on windows?
23:42 Will IOHK extend Cardano contract after 2020? (Treasury, Clio)
25:26 What’s the highest h-index in IOHK?
25:50 Is there any other way to make Daedalus Wallet download faster? (preview on Daedalus lightweight node, fast bootstrapping)
30:23 What will happen to ADA that get lost? (governance layer, reverse transactions)
37:37 Ticket prices for IOHK summit and discount when buying with ADA. Crypto puzzle, Tangem.
44:44 How is Cardano tackling interoperability and atomic swaps? (Also: different standards, metadata components, contingent transactions)
54:00 How many Fortune 500 companies are using blockchain or cryptocurrencies?
54:45 Is RINA still a thing? (Recursive Internetwork Architecture)
59:35 When bankrupt? (spoiler: never)
59:38 When delisting? (spoiler: never)
59:59 Can you help the yellow vests French revolution with smart contracts for them to vote? The population is asking for citizen’s referendum. I think we can have millions people adoption.
1:09:45 Do you think there is something better than proof of work or proof of stake to replace the current protocol?
1:24:42 Can you speak more about the coffee smart contract case in Ethiopia? (supply chain, adoption)
1:39:26 Craig Wright: I’ve got more money than your country. (Transform Africa Summit 2018)
1:42:14 Talking about deadlines and KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
1:51:37 Will IOHK consider making a decentralized exchange? (DEX)

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