New June 17 Shelley wallet

On the new roadmap, on June 16, there’s supposed to be a “new Shelly wallet “released”.

I’ve looked at downloaded the new wallet but have been unable to do so.

The last one I have is the main at 1.1.0

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It’s primarily for stake pool operators participating in the Shelley Haskell Testnet an can be downloaded only from Github…

Take a look at this post:

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Thank you. It is hardly explained as such on the roadmap. It seems everyone will be getting a new wallet version.

And there is (as was linked in other post), can be downloaded from here. Anyone can, but it does not mean everyone will see a value - especially for a version thats too early in lifecycle. You are free to try and use it if you’d like to - but then you may have obvious questions about sync, initial funds and so on.

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Thanks a million. Seems it might hinder me so I’ll just wait. Thx.

Just to give the relevant context from CH’s tweet -

  • Transition from Byron to Shelley starts June 23rd.
  • Shelley Hard Fork rocks the galaxy July 29th. <= Cardano mainnet decentralization.
  • First staking rewards pop August 18th. <= First Shelly Epoch and transition completed.

Do correct me if I’m wrong :tophat: .


ThAnks very much