Daedalius Wallet new for Shelley

Is the “new Shelley Daedalus wallet” released for the general public or only for those who were in the incentivized test?


Its a testnet-only version that provides balance check for users of ITN wallets, to verify their rewards.


Any thoughts on when a “ nene” Shelley wallet daedalus will be released?

Does anybody have any idea since were in the middle of July when the new Wallet​ will be released?

Mainnet fork is on 29th July - so staking features on mainnet wallet cannot be before , ITN rewards will be available on 3rd August - so you know the timeline :slight_smile:

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You can test some of the upcoming features that will be in the Shelley mainnet wallet by downloading the latest testnet wallet from

I’m not really interested in and downloading as “ While it with bugs that will be no place close to the final wallet which is supposed to be released for staking”.

It’s 18th and we’re supposed to be able to steak in the beginning of August. I’m still wondering when “that “ wallet will be released

There’s no reason why the staking wallet would be made available before staking actually starts.


I mistakenly thought they would have it developed in the next week or so.

I guess there’s no place close to having a real thing done.

Thanks anyway.

Shawn P Adamo, CPA/PFS, CGMA, QFP