Breaking Cardano News! New Daedalus Wallet for the Shelley testnet, we need to test the network!

A new Daedalus wallet was released from IOHK for the TESTNET, it includes a lot of new features. You will be able to see how stakepools will be ranked in Shelley.

Here is my guide on how to download the wallet, use the faucet and my thoughts:


Thx for making things crystal clear as always :vulcan_salute:

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He Peyton,

I had recovered my itn wallet on the shelley testnet V2 successfully.

Now I wanted to recover it on the shelly testnet v3.

However balance and rewards are empty.

Isn’t it possible to recover an itn wallet on the shelley v3 wallet?

No hate here. Simple short and sweet video. Thanks!


No its not, this Testnet has a faucet and is for testing stakepools.


Ok thanks…So testnet V2 and V3 are different in that respect…In V2 it was possible. In V3 it’s not…

Thanks for this demo @bigpey… First time I saw your face. From your other videos on setting up a cardano node, I imagined you to be a big, fluffy guy… bcoz, your handle is bigpey:smile:


I used to be, I just thinned out these past few years!

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That’s really good and more informational Video Ever.
thanks Team.


Welcome Mahabub (@mahabubesan)

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@mahabubesan hello, good to have you here. :smile:

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