IOHK Blog: Integrating and advancing with Adrestia

IOHK Blog: Integrating and advancing with Adrestia

Taking the challenge out of fast-paced blockchain development

June 15, 2020 Eric Czuleger 4 mins read


For exchanges and developer partners, integrating with any blockchain can be challenging. The technology often moves so quickly that keeping up with the pace of change can be unrealistic. Cardano’s development and release process are now driving things forward apace. Managing parallel software development workstreams moving at different speeds can feel a bit like changing the tires on a truck while it’s driving at 60 miles per hour.

Cardano’s vision is to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies. It has been created to be the most technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable blockchain platform, offering a secure, transparent, and scalable template for how we work, interact, and create, as individuals, businesses, and societies.

In line with these ambitions, we needed to devise a way that our partners could swiftly, easily and reliably integrate with Cardano, regardless of what was going on under the hood. Whatever the pace and cadence of future rollouts, we wanted to develop a consistent method by which all updates to the core node could be easily adopted by everyone…

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i’m curious about the decision to truncate the article, what’s the thinking behind it?

i think there are some additive possibilities that having it on here in its entirety could enable, like bringing more eyes to it (more traffic and public stats) as well as the quotation ability + reply = richer interaction (lets be honest, how many disqus comments do the blog articles get, if any - and that’s not even touching on even rarer responses.)