Announcing the Cardano Ambassador Program

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Cardano Ambassador Program!

Cardano Ambassadors are people in the community who go above and beyond and provide regular, consistent and positive contributions to the project. This may be helping translate information on Cardano into other languages or organizing meetups in their local area. Whatever it may be, this program helps us recognize and acknowledge their good work! Furthermore, this program will help raise awareness and promote the Cardano project around the world.

At the time of this launch, we have identified four roles that will help grow and foster the Cardano community. These are:

  • Meetup Organizers
  • Moderators
  • Content Creators
  • Translators

You can find the details on these roles including the criteria of actions that need to be fulfilled on the Ambassador Program webpage. On this page, you will also find a nomination form. Please use this form to nominate yourself or others in the Cardano community that you think should be considered. These will be used by the community team alongside the listed criteria at a monthly review.

It is important to note that the Ambassador status is earned through good work in the community and not something that is awarded by us or any other project members. We believe in decentralization, and that a strong community led by those who contribute the most is extremely important.

This is also an ongoing process where adjustments to criteria may need to be made and where new, additional roles will be proposed to fill necessary gaps that help grow our community in different ways!

If you have any other questions or suggestions about this program, please do contact us at

Thank you from the Cardano Community Team!

Update Regarding Incentives:

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has given feedback, sent in nominations and participated in the Cardano Ambassador Program. Since our launch two weeks ago, we have already received and reviewed many nominations. It is a very exciting time to see all the contributions to the Cardano community happening all over the world! Note that the community team is working through all the nominations as best we can. Please expect a delay in response and be aware that reviews are done on a monthly basis.

In the coming weeks, we are planning to publish the community members who have already made the effort and qualified as Ambassadors. You will be able to view this list on the Ambassador webpage. You will also notice ‘badges’ on the Forum so you can easily identify them!

Finally, we wanted to address a common question which has been raised regarding incentives with this Ambassador Program. Incentives have always been a part of the plan for the Ambassador Program but as you can guess, there are delicate intricacies in creating a fair, functioning framework for this. The first phase of the Ambassador Program is to provide public recognition and additional support to the community members who have gone above and beyond for the Cardano community. The second phase will include the implementation of incentives, which is something we are working hard towards.


This is pretty nice development! :slight_smile:

The only thing I miss is a part where you would describe the incentives.

Do you have any details on that?

Thanks :pray:


One particularly important role I am missing would be the “Influencer”, people on any social media channel (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) with significant number of followers (10k+ ?) sharing valuable content regarding Cardano and having considerable engagement from his followers on such content shared.

The reach of Cardano has to expand beyond the current closed Community and the Influencer Ambassadors are the best to help us with this task.

Would it be possible to urgently add this role?

This role could also move beyond the standard Influencer later to advanced Evangelist Ambassadors, who themselves speak or present about Cardano on conferences, events, media outlets with certain significance with a considerable audience.

But as a start the two roles could be initially seen as one.


Will work for ADA. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed - certainly needs to be a role for influencers. I do think it needs to be carefully handled, though, so as not to create the impression of the typical “coin shills” (which is kinda what such an influencer would be, but it’s the perception that they’re only talking about Cardano to get paid that I’m worried about).

Edit: they may have meant for “influencers” to fit under “content creators,” but the definition could use a little more clarity if so.

Otherwise, love what I’m seeing so far for the ambassador program!


The ones who create content are usually not too much exposed / visible outside the Community.

I would think influencers don’t create content, maybe reformat & wrap it nicely but share in their massive follower base, many outside of the Cardano Community. You could even have some celebrities among them.

But agree it has to be carefully managed, though the ones who can bring the word & content of Cardano far outside of today’s reach are very much needed.

A good example is Quentin who brought Cardano via a presentation to a Canadian University. He reused all content available, but extended the reach to new territories.

So according to the definition above he is more an advanced Influencer, an Evangelist.


Great to hear that. I already applied for Cardano Ambassador. I followed Cardano since I joined Crypto 2 year ago. My pleasure if would be contributed a little hard work for making Cardano stronger and growth on over the world


This is awesome!

Hopefully we will see an uptick in regularly planned meetups around the globe :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news! Very much looking forward to the Foundation’s reemergence and more community engagement through the new year!


Who are the Cardano Community Team members? Just lacking a bit info but apart from that great stuff :slight_smile:


This is a great development. I’ll be nominating myself for a Moderator here and on Reddit. Thanks to the Cardano Foundation for executing on this idea.


Perhaps influencers are not suitable for this project. Time will tell if it was an oversight or not.

I agree. Maybe we need to explain what an influencer is. Because a content creator (Youtuber) is an influencer. But I don’t see Boxmining, Datadash or Crypto Daily enroll for the Cardano Ambassador program. I think the cardano community team wants to see leaders that emerge and then extend to CTO, influencer, startup and all. In the long run, we all win !

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I believe these are different roles, which sometimes exists in one person, but more
often are separated.

Especially in the early adoption stage of Cardano it’s good to handle them separately to extend the reach of the Cardano content. Usually when our best Content Creators become Influencers with 10k+ or even much more followers outside of the crypto world is when the Cardano adoption has reached a very advanced stage. In the interim period let’s utilize the Influencers in our Community.

For instance you can have in our Community people who have their talent & fame outside the crypto world, such as in a photography Community, petrolheads Community, football Community, local residential Community, neurologists Community, jazz music Community, local evangelical Community, etc.

So having people who will likely never be good or have the motivation in creating quality Cardano content, but giving them the right incentives to reformat, wrap and share such content in new Communities is what could be seen as an Influencer. Bridging the Cardano Community to other valuable Communities. Influencer Marketing.

Again look at the example of Quentin, who shared Cardano content in a Canadian University, in a new Community. He was not a content creator, more an Influencer and even more specifically an Evangelist. Note that an Evangelist is usually much more educated and knowledgeable about Cardano to allow him to freely speak and answer questions by the audience / reporter.

But even people in the crypto Community would share Cardano content if they have the right incentives to do so.

Having the Influencer & Evangelist roles separated from the others is important, as their respective KPIs and incentives are also quite different.

It’s also important to explore the relationships between Content Creators and Influencers & Evangelists, they are catalysts to each other’s KPIs.


Continuing the discussion from Announcing the Cardano Ambassador Program:

Hello Cardano Community,

I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a while now, glad it’s here. I’m a freelancer in Content Creation & SMM and I’m enthralled to be contributing to the growth of Cardano.
However, when I have gone to sign up for a Content Creator position, It’s asked me about the nominee (myself) if works have been published or presented?

Question is, do i have to have Articles & Content provided beforehand to then nominate myself for a Content Creator position?

Any help in this area would be great!

Thanks Team!

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I recently started a cardano meetup but I didn’t know where to go for meetup support from Cardano. Hopefully, the foundation will streamline supporting documents (images, graphics, Q&A documents, etc.) for meetup organizers. I hope the Ambassador program will provide such support for organizers in one location.


My personal opinion, based on many contributors who joined the community in the past: please share something you already have, and look at the feedback from the community. This is a very valuable indicator if it is considered as useful by a certain part of people (newbies, investors, developers, …)

Some contributors shared their content here in the forum. Others on their own websites, on github, or well known blog mediums

e.g. just today New article: Unraveling the Myths of Cardano’s Nomenclature
Some contributed to or created stuff like
and much more.

The feedback is very useful to improve (if required) and also to let someone nominate you. I guess/hope multiple independent (and not self) nominations are the best and sincere way.
Other community members can evaluate much better if your contribution comes from hearth to enrich the ecosystem by sharing what you believe know, or if it’s a strategy to evangelize others with your predefined opinions.


Good news: this forum is probably the best place to start with. Look at Hosting your Cardano Meetup and how to get started

Definitely some compelling points. I guess there is an issue of qualifying the quality of the follower base of respective influencers. I feel a decentralised approach to youtube likes could help answer this pondering and provide us all with the metrics available to the likes of the goolge cloud