Roots of the Ambassador Program

Time fly’s, amazing how quickly a year goes by.

I am glad to see the Ambassador program in place and glad to see users recognized for work they do in our immature ecosystem, such a program was not available when passionate members of our community did volunteer work to benefit the community a year ago, take for example a google doc @rin9s started working on @ Community Knowledge Conservation Sheet Last edit made On February 15 2018 - by anonymous - it is possible with such a program in place a year ago our community would have many more active members contributing to providing content, translations, hosting meetups and the doc might have been continually updated, we will never know.

Today it was disappointing to see the new program being wrapped up into some forum toxicity, the community will absolutely benefit from the program, and it being a community building program I just cannot understand how negativity of any kind should be accepted surrounding it, just blows my mind.:boom:

New user’s reading that thread… what do they think? What can they think??Are they going to want to be a part of the toxicity? I doubt it.

In any case the Ambassadors program has few translators listed as Ambassadors, fewer meetup organizers, and only 8 content creators (lets just forget about the mods :wink:) there are 7106 living languages in the world and countless cities where meetups can be held, the amount of content that could be created on the subject is immeasurable, so I would suggest that there is plenty of room on the list to add more names, the more names that are on the list the larger our community will become and the stronger the Cardano network can become, supporting the program and its recognized participants should be something anybody with an interest in the Cardano community should have in mind, lets give the program time to grow and lets be glad that we all will reap the benefit of it.

Many of us waited for such a long time to see this program get rolled out, lets all make it a success whether or not we participate in it.

I did Congratulate all the Ambassadors before, but I want to thank them again here, for the volunteer work they have done to contribute to the growth of our amazing community, you guy’s rock!


How much time do we give it? Handing out virtual badges, while a nice gesture, isn’t going to sustain any type of growth.