Community Knowledge Conservation Sheet

Hola all!

I’ve created a google sheet designed to conserve and monitor community knowledge.
The document is available to view here and was opened under a community google account (to be handed over at some point).

I’ve seen invaluable posts on the forum, raising important, actionable concerns for and by the community.
The difference between these discussions becoming just some more searchable text on the internet, to them becoming a part of a “community work-plan”, is knowledge retention and evolution.

The sheet aims to organize community concerns, issues, and discussions by indexing & tagging relevant posts. The criteria to index a post should be as follows -

  1. Should the community jointly participate in this issue?
  2. Does this issue raise an important discussion for the community to have?
  3. Can we do something impactful about it?
    Try and be sensible.

I invite all and any active and responsible members of the forum to write me privately for an editing link to this document and become moderators of our budding knowledge base.
I will comment here once I’ve indexed some posts, all help welcome in populating this document.

Obviously there is some redundancy and duplication of effort here (manual tagging sux ik) but I think this flimsy sheet could allow us to collaborate, communicate, and maybe even organize teams to address community concerns.

Calling out to some of the forum’s prolific contributors:
@Angelo @Arch2017 @chainomatic @wnipos @johnny1221 @ElliotHill @chitoncats @YubYub @Wheisler @Dantalion

Document details in 1st comment.


I hope to have created a reasonably accessible template for us to keep track of what we’re talking about.
Sheets :

Editing Log

The place to fill out any changes you’ve made to the document. Please.

Posts List

Main sheet.

Actionable Items

Posts that are being executed.


Tag list and keys. Used to help us look at topics in different contexts. please use and expand the tag list.

Please feel free to change the document, just please use the editing log and comments when you do.


Added everything I found useful from :

  • Random Category since the dawn of time till now (Feb 11th).

  • Developers category up until Jan 18’.

  • Created some tags and put them under Tags&Keys.

Tag responsibly!


Hey excellent idea!

As soon as I’ll have some more time I’ll look it through :slight_smile:
I’ve been on the forum reading and watching but couldn’t find much time to participate in the discussions…


I think this is a great concept and thanks to @rin9s for this work!

I have one recommendation though - could we implement it via a public Wiki or similar Knowledgebase/FAQ so that both the upkeep would be easier and overall accessibility would be higher?

I’m just concerned that going through and manually adding/tagging would likely mean that in 2+ months, the spreadsheet would soon fall behind the boards. By contrast, if the wiki is smart, it should be able to have a good auto-search along with any manual tagging and thus ensure faster/better search for all the content.
Alternatively, maybe a subsection right here on the boards for FAQ/Knowledgebase would accomplish the same goal.

Anyway I definiitely like the concept of making any vital knowledge extracted and available in an easy format. I also vote to make a ‘deep thoughts by AdaLove’ special subsection with all of AdaLove’s excellent posts in it :slight_smile:


I think a wiki would certainly help in increasing accessibility and give a more potent UX to people visiting the knowledgebase/Faq. It’s to bad that intercom does not have a free tier (it would of made future integration into cardanohub > community a possibility)

I love the idea @rin9s, it’s a great effort!


Thanks for coming :smile:

I totally agree, and I don’t think this excel can or should last more than a month or two. It’s only to index our posts for the community’s first few months.

I picked this more limited platform to see if any serious participants show (gotta start somewhere).
If there will be nobody to create+update+moderate the wiki, then well, there is no wiki :slight_smile:

I’m open to wiki, intercom or any other platform.
Just send me a link :wink:

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Yes, definitely a project for a Wiki. I have my hands full with two other Cardano projects and my other responsibilities outside Cardano Land; so, I won’t be able to spend a lot of time on this, but I look forward to contributing and seeing the Wiki grow over time.


It would be awesome to see something like this as a Dapp on the Cardano blockchain in the future, as a safe storage of public information.


@rin9s Thanks so much for doing this! :slight_smile:

We are going to chat about how we could help - if needed or wanted :wink:

The Help Centre ( is running on Intercom so thinking out loud, it would be great to integrate it - having a central source of information and knowledge is something we really want… a “golden master” so to speak :slight_smile:


This would be amazing, I would love to see a community knowledge hub tab on Cardanohub! Great to see the foundation is looking to work closely together with this community :grin:.


Added all Developers & Trading Categories.
Almost done :slight_smile:


Apologies for the late reply. I’ve been busy with my ‘day job’ and haven’t checked in here for a while. I wholeheartedly agree, it would make a great go-to for reference and archiving of ideas. I’m on my phone at the moment but will check this out tomorrow when I’m on desktop. Great idea, thanks for tagging me here.

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This really is a great idea, not familiar with how a wiki works but I do think that bad player’s need to be guarded against, I made a small change to the google sheet and documented it - pretty much to check it out - and I think that something like this maybe truly ought to be on the forum with some kind of control to the editing feature, I do like where this is going but I know crypto just a bit and bad player’s cannot be controlled if givin free reign.

I like the idea a lot. I went to the spreadsheet and saw the data you had gathered there. Am not sure if it can be accessed there or whether it is just a summary of posts. Also am not familiar with wiki but think it is a great idea to capture the best ideas of the community and have it searchable and accessible. Thanks for the effort.

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Thanks for the input @anon20038177. I hope the editing link is shared wisely :slight_smile:
But of course this is a preliminary tool, and nothing fancy or secure. Just wanted to make sure we stay ahead of the curve… doing this document a year from now would be exhausting :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think your doing a tremendously awesome job, and you are right, in a year from now it would be very exhausting, thanx for getting the ball rolling.

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There are links to send you to the post’s that are on the spreadsheet, the info is not contained on the sheet, just hover over or click on the line item you wish to explore. this tool will be very useful as the Cardano community moves forward, I came in late but will be able to go back and reference what the community has been working on before I cam into the forum. Which is also some very exhausting work @rin9s but I will be working to get there.

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