Introducing myself, and a new Wiki project 👍


Hello everyone,

It’s a pleasure to be here today :slightly_smiling_face:
First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to Napoles for his advice to come here, and his invite !

Allow me to introduce a small project I have been working on for some weeks, as I believe that it matters much more than my own profile.

As a new Cardano user, I felt like it was missing a lot of documentation. Most of the projects were working on their content, and even though there was a lot of tutorials here and there, I couldn’t find a place where I could learn easily, with neutral content, about said projects, and the blockchain itself.

The official Cardano documentation, mostly aimed at educating developers and projects builders, was only focused on the blockchain technology, and not enough on its growing ecosystem.

With some very nice people met during my wandering in this jungle of projects, we decided to create a wiki, for us, to write and share what we learned. And very soon, it became obvious that such a wiki would benefit to the entire community, if enough content was brought to it.

The wiki itself is now published at, and we have just finished the Discord server configuration.

We are now focused on publishing tools, pages and templates to help projects who wants to add content about themselves to the website.

We aim at being as decentralized as possible, almost any decision regarding the wiki life being published to the Discord, users are allowed to vote in favor or against these proposals. As long as it’s related to Cardano, it provides reliable knowledge about the blockchain and its ecosystem, and is neutral, any content is more than welcome on the website.

We would like to help and provide advices on how to do it to all those who want to build and extend this knowledge database with us.

About myself now, I first arrived to the blockchains world in mid-2021. I didn’t knew what I was doing then, even when I wanted to buy some ADA thanks to the advice of a friend, I could understand why it was tagged as “BEP2” in my TrustWallet :sweat_smile:

I got extremely lucky when I discovered Cardashift at the end of the same year. Since then, I’ve learned so much about Cardano with their help, and a bit about other blockchains. And hopefully, it’s just the begining.

I now believe that this blockchain is the best one so far to create a new world for the next generations, and I want to contribute to it, by learning even more every day, and by helping others to learn even more :muscle:

Thank you for your time, and it will be a pleasure to talk with you anytime :grinning:


Hi there. Very interested in this concept and actually pitched it in Fund8! I’ve joined the server as MichaelModig.
Looking forward to learning more and I think I can make a contribution.

Very nice initiative.


Im new to this so trying to learn more about it.

Incredible ! This shows that the Cardano Community is eager for shared knowledge probably more now than ever before :grinning:

We can’t wait to work together on common ideas :+1:

Hello :wave:

Don’t hesitate to come to our Discord for absolutely any question you might have. We will do our best to help you, and this might give us ideas on what to add next to the Wiki :+1:

Hello Drakke and welcome to the Cardano community!

I am very grateful for your passion for Cardano as well as your new project. I do agree with you immensely that the Cardano documentation refers immensely to the technology rather than the projects that are currently on the blockchain. I do also agree that the community could immensely benefit from a decentralized wiki with the purpose of organizing and informing the community on how the entire Cardano ecosystem functions.

However, I do believe the Cardano Foundation is trying to create some form of wiki as such with Essential Cardano. (check here for more information: Essential Cardano)

The one flaw I do find with Essential Cardano is that Cardano Wiki could be a much more aesthetically pleasing and organized format for truly having the community grasp the entirety of the Cardano ecosystem. I am absolutely going to take part in this Wiki, and thank you for bringing this to the community.

Best wishes to you and the entire Cardano Wiki Team,

Hey Drakke

I’m really glad to see you accept the invitation and also to see the acceptance the project is getting. It’s a great idea and I know it will have the help of this vibrant community. Perhaps it would be helpful to define the points at which interested parties can start collaborating with the project.

Best regards.