Answers to Questions about Cardano Foundation


We had Community Feedback carefully concentrated along a few threads, not in a context of fuzzy interaction with thousands of people.

Ambassador Program:

Cardano Hubs:

I don´t think it´s big effort to react on the Community Feedback in these threads and IMO this should never be taken with low priority. No feedback is not reassuring and neither polite.

The problem I personally have is that I do not see a state-of-the-art Community Management Team, with proven, professional competence, experience and exceptional talent we may blindly trust that they do a fully competent work that doesn´t need Community Feedback. This also clearly reflects on the state / quality of the first release of the Ambassador program.

Anyway it´s a clear message, but very sad to see there is no public Community feedback cycles, consultation, review (couple of rounds) implemented into these programs, before having them effectively released to the Community. This is not a question about effort, it´s about being open for constructive ideas, criticism and willingness to adapt, show respect & appreciation for Community interest & effort and also introduce a shared Community wide responsibility for the outcome that defines our future joint journey.

In other circumstances, with a state-of-the-art Community Management Team it would possibly be a good approach to have “decisions taken, actions implemented, and iterated from there”, but we first need such am exceptional Team, for which purpose please consider recruiting 2-4 top talent (ones you look at their LinkedIn profile and it´s truly convincing) into the Community Management to sufficiently strengthen them. Right, we do need some great chefs in that kitchen, it´s not like we have many (any?) already.