Summary of Claims to the Cardano Foundation from the Cardano Watchdogs

Here is a summary of the topics the Cardano Watchdogs have raised to the Cardano Foundation (CF) over the last weeks via our Twitter channel (

  1. Let the CF Support the Cardano Social Council ( initiative, which would allow the Community to elect it´s representatives from the Community in a bottom-up approach and not having the Foundation directly appoint them top-down. Note that until liquid democracy is available, such representative democracy for the Community might be healthy & beneficial to experiment with and allows for a unique Know-Your-Community journey & experience.
  2. Have the CF integrate a Community Peer Review process into it´s critical decision making. Before significant decisions are made like massive investments, board member appointments & release of new initiatives, let the Voice of the Community to be heard via public consultation. By no means do we suggest to have any decision making delegated or decentralized, just to have the opportunity, platform for any Community member to speak up and have his opinion be listened to & considered.
  3. Let´s start such a public consultation for the Ambassador Program. There has been quite some feedback given on various channels without response until today, such as missing the incentives system, new essential roles, need for decentralization, need for non-hierarchical structure, rename to Community Workers and let the “Ambassador title” be earned over time and spotless reputation, etc.
  4. Let´s start such a public consultation for the Cardano Hubs Program. There has been very few information released regarding it, but basically this is the core program how the CF would fund Community initiatives in the future so it´s good to involve the Community early on.
  5. We need Financial Transparency of the CF. This is the basis for how Community trust might be rebuilt.
  6. We need commitment of the CF to implement the Swiss Foundation Code or at least as much as possible, efficient and reasonable. Each recommendation should be commented in this respect.
  7. We need some insight into the Cardano Roadmap Items of the CF regarding their status and future plan. Especially the Distributed Futures contract with Z/Yen should be clarified if it continues and whether funds have been irrevocably committed.
  8. We need to have the Lounge (VIP) area of the Forum to be broken down and have all the past & future discussions accessible to every Community member.
  9. The CF should setup transparent metrics & measures (KPIs) to monitor the health, engagement and growth of the Cardano Community, use some smart analytics and share such reports on a regular basis.
  10. We would like to have the CF take the solid example from the rest of the key Entities and provide the very same level of transparency into it´s operations and accessibility for questions from the Community, via regular AMAs, integrate it´s roadmap in a more granular level into the Cardano Roadmaps and provide monthly roadmap updates, share quartertly / biyearly external audit reports on performance & financials.
  11. The CF should hire ~3 top talent Community Managers with proven successful career to strengthen the Cardano Community Team to let us recognize their identity and hear their voice. At the moment they struggle in many areas, while their “weakness” is an opportunity for others to exploit.
  12. The CF should have regular Communication, irrespective of the progress on their side. Regular appearances and interactive “touch” with the Community is badly needed. Best format is always an AMA, where questions are strictly answered in the sequence based on their Community popularity, vote count expressed in Reddit.
  13. We need Contractual Transparency of the CF. There seems to be a continuation of the Distributed Futures Program. We should have some insight into which are the heavyweight contracts signed in the Parsons era and how do they impact the Foundation´s available resources & capabilities?

As the new CF Board just started in mid of December and we had the holiday season right after upon us, we should show some patience for these claims and give the board some reasonable time and our trust. They absolutely deserve it, most of the board members come from the Cardano Ecosystem with proven integrity, unquestionable loyalty and exceptional performance.

It´s only meant to be summarized here (and possibly extended in the future) to set expectations.

We also encourage the Community to add any requests, claims, questions you might have to the Cardano Foundation in the below comments area we will try to aggregate and mediate them.


Let’s keep watching!!!


It’s so great the community has the Watchdogs to look after their interests like this, keep up the pressure guys, what could go wrong after all? :grin:


I would like to see more transparency, combined with greater communication with the community, e.g. the foundation’s Twitter account has 148k followers, but this easy-to-use, powerful tool is rarely used. Why? I realize the Foundation is in the process of a significant reorganization - hopefully enhanced transparency & communication with come in the very near future.


I think Cardano is on a good track and our role is more to be part of the community debate.

Participating in the community debate Cardano Watchdogs are trying to track some easy to gather statistics of Reddit Subscribers, Twitter Followers and Transactions per week for Cardano and top 20 cryptocurrencies by MCAP of coinmarket. Certainly not as awesome as Cardano First Year Anniversary! Infographic Series but perhaps useful for week to week discussion on our community.

Week 1 statistics:
WW week 1.pdf (48.2 KB)

(Feel free to discuss other useful easy to gather metrics or if you spot any errors, I want to keep this at 1 page only so max 4 statistics total.)


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Hopefully we can see more transparency from CF, and also IOHK and Emurgo. Each of them did get portion of ICO money and divested them (I assume),and Emurgo did sell Adas they held (I assume).

How much money were used at where, and how much money were left to the projects, investors shall at least have some clues about them.

We urged to ask for more transparency during Parsons time, until today there’s nothing disclosed from the new CF but people became silent.

If it’s a public company, it has to release quarterly financial report, unfortunately there’s no requirement nor fiduciary obligation for anything in ICO.

Hopefully, we can set a good standard to the crypto space, not just the protocol but also the business model.


Thought it was all locked up until some time this year

Did they? No one knows. :frowning: Emurgo never disclosed anything as well.

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