CF Withdraws Delegation from SPO after "Exploitative Fee Change"

So apparently this happened -

Didn’t find more substantial details.
What’s your opinion about this move? Not sure myself…

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Hi @rin9s,

This has been discussed intensively here:

Asking Justice for CRO delegators and Cardano Foundation - Staking & Delegation / Stake Delegation - Cardano Forum

Thanks for the reference @ADA4Good !
I still think this is a distinct topic though, now that CF has acted. And the topic of that thread is quite different, very nice to see the live action :fireworks:.

Now that I’ve read it, I wonder if there are people on the other side of this argument…

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Imo it was really important that the Cardano Foundation reacted in time, otherwise we may would have seen more such scenarios in the future.


From what I understand of the issue the Stake pool broke the social contract with the CF.Whatever their reasons they should have cleared it with the CF before they did what they did.

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