Does the Cardano Foundation still delegate to small pools?

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I recall the CF posting fairly regularly (either here or on Twitter) earlier in the year when they shift their ~15M delegations to new pools, but I don’t think I’ve seen an announcement to this effect recently. Do they still rotate pools every quarter? Where are we at within that delegation cycle? And is the criteria they outlined here still accurate?

This was the last one, they haven’t delegated yet:

You linked the blog from IOG delegation. Thats not the same as the delegation from the Cardano Foundation.

But yes the CF is still support small pools with their delegation. You can see them here :


Thanks for the reply, but I believe this is a different bucket of delegations. To my knowledge there are two entities that delegate: IOHK and Cardano Foundation. IOHK asks spools to submit applications based on what they are doing in the community, but the CF delegations are more random based on criteria.

Can anyone else confirm?

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Thank you - So it looks like those delegations happened around epoch 277 which means they should be rotating fairly soon then. I do hope they communicate with the community in terms of timing!

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They will do that for sure :slight_smile: Probably at the end of october.

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… or it seems they’ll just rotate without saying a word or announcing anything at all and also go ahead and just make up new delegation criteria requirements without publishing them ahead of time. What’s up with these guys?

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