Help small pools become a solid part of the Cardano network

Hope it is in the right topic: Thanks to @io_Natasha:
The CF now delegates a whale stake to 10 potential pools every 3 epochs, to give them a boost.
When K will become 500, what about the CF distribute stake portions of 10M ADA each to 64 small/tiny pools (640M circulation) till k=1000, then rotate to a new set of small SPOs in March 2021. (These are all active community members on twitter) 10M will help all these small pools to mint blocks and a fighting chance to attract delegators.


Good idea. But I would preach to rotate more often and keep on rotating. It would also be great if IOHK would join the party and helped out small pools in order to secure decentralization.

This is a great suggestion. I recently launched a small pool (GREEN) that is growing and attracting delegators, but which is still slightly under the million in LiveStake. So like other SPOs, we could certainly use the vital boost to get past the viable point of durability.

For those interested, more info on myself, my long-time involvement with Cardano and the pool itself are available here

So what distinguishes GREEN from other pools?
Firstly, it is NOT running on dirty electricity unlike most of my competitors, as the countries where the servers are located have been carefully selected due to their specific way of producing electricity (Switzerland, Finland, France).

Another major difference is that I have decided to donate 20% of the profits to NGOs dedicated to protecting our endangered environment. It is the only thing that makes sense to me and I find it to be very satisfactory.
The 80% will cover the costs and compensate for my time and work! :slight_smile:
Get in touch if you have any questions!
Twitter account:


Good luck with your pool but as a fellow small pool owner, It is not easy. The fact that you are a green pool and give away to charity should help you… My pool is named SoPHi and named after my daughter. There were some people that just like that i named it after my daughter and i managed to get about 1.5 million ada delegated just because of that… You never know why people delegate but being green should be a help…

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Thank you Anthony for the kind words of encouragement.
I can only hope that I will reach the level of stake you are at, and I am optimistic since delegation has been nicely flowing in recently!

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Hi, that’s a good idea, my handmade pool STPZ1 need a boost too.
Where can we get more information about that?

Thank you.