Hungry delegator is here :-)

Hello guys,
except I am really tired maybe turning into insomniac, I am really happy to join the delegation process.
I would like to delegate 5 x 50 000 Ada preferably to the smaller pools, as I feel this is the right thing to do at this moment.
Till now I have no idea to which pools to delegate, so I would like to ask you guys, if you are interested, please write me a few words about you.
My choice won’t be following any rational rules, so please feel free to express anything you like :wink:

I am using Adalite wallet, because it has really cool feature and supports multidelegation

…and one more thing, guys - I like $PIGY! :grin:

Looking forward for your replies



hi and welcome,

Thank you for choosing to support small pools

there are a lot of small pools which need the support from delegators, I will not nominate one but you can take a look on and many many others

I let them know on twitter about your initiative

Thank you again in the name of them


Hey Jakub, as Alexd1985 said, mission driven pools are pools that donate at least 10% of their profits to the charity and a lot of them could use your help. There also the pools of, a collaboration of small pool operators

you can also filter pools by categories (woman in cardano, Australian pools etc etc. ) on, maybe that could be of some use also…

Nevertheless, good job :slight_smile:

[POOLG] it is if you like!

Launched the first virtual $ADA stake pool cooperative in the history! Cooperative :handshake:

Creators of the interactive Cardano Ecosystem Map: :world_map:

Schnitzel Lovers. :sunglasses:

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Hi Jakub,

mybe you want to join my pool WISE?:slight_smile: More Infos here:

Or you could also join our small pool community - f2lb: F2lb - Home (

Hey Jakub,

It is great that you want to support small pool! I second all of the responses about Mission Driven Pools and I am a member of them and support Animal focused charities. I am also a member of which is an alliance dedicated to running only a single pool to help with decentralization and I recommend you check out the pools there as well.

You can also check out my site for more info if you consider me for delegation,

Thanks for your support of Cardano!

If you want to support a small development team. is a passion project for my team of 5, PIFY is the pool.


QCPOL is currently at 1.22M in stake and producing blocks almost every epoch. A little boost wouldn’t hurt! The pool is hosted on bare metal servers physically in Québec City. The pool is operated by 2 IT professionals. QCPOL Stake Pool And we have $PIGY :slight_smile:

May I suggest you delegate one of your wallet to F2LB? It’s a group of small SPOs that rotates their stake to help each others produce blocks.



Hi Jakub,

Please consider LGBTQ pool as well.
Our mission is to fight against discrimination, prejudice and bullying! Create a fair, kind and respectful society for everyone!

Our delegators can suggest any LGBTQ+ charity they want us to donate. Then they vote for the one to receive the donation.

We have also $PIGY. I believe we are of the first pools who requested to get some.

We had 1 block in epoch 263. We validated on more on epoch 274.
BP is working flawlessly so when we get assigned to a block, the job is well done!

Your stake will really make a difference.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Jakub

take a look at us.

Help and Stake with us. Enable Play and Improve the lives of people with disabilities.
20% of fixed fee will go to AbleGamers Foundation. Everything else will go back to Pledge

Ticker: ALoop
Name: AdaLoop
Pledge: 1k (this will increase in time)
Fixed Fee : 340
Fee : 0%
Website :

Thank you, and have a great day

We ensure children’s health in Africa with a chunk of our profit.

Smiles On Africa ( Smilespool)
Ticker : SMILE
LiveStake 1.3M Ada
Single Pool Operator and member of

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Maybe I’m late, #11 response :wink:
Anyways I give it a try.
I run the VITAL Pool.
Still a small (460k active stake) with 32 delegators.
Just minted our first Block in the last Epoch. Were quite unlucky so far with slot assignments unfortunately.

Here’s the quick facts:

We run a fixed cost-sharing approach which lets us generate similar rewards compared to a big pool while still supporting a small pool.

Details about the offer: Best Rate Offer | VITAL Stakepool - Responsible Staking

Thanks for considering small pools. It’s great that you have this mindset and try to support diversification. Very much appreciated! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi Jakub, very thoughtful of you to look for smaller pools!
The Avocado Pool :avocado: AVOC is run by 28 year old Vietnamese girl Nhi with technical help from her partner.
At 130k the stake is still small so you’re support would help greatly.
Here you can see Nhi in her educational Youtube channel Avocado Pool 🥑 - YouTube

Thank you

Thank You so much… Thank you for supporting $PIGY… :grin:

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Hi Mr Jakub.
I’m from CHEFF a startup in Lisbon Portugal. We are creating an APP for IOS to explore NFTs on 3D.
We operate the CHEFF pool for having another way to create more revenue to our developments and to invest in this free application. If you are interested to know about it, you can check the links below.
As we are small yet, we still don’t have any investors so we are doing everything by ourselves in our free time.

We are struggling because we lost our bigger delegation and we don’t have much money for advertising. That way we decided as developers, to create an unique tool for Cardano community see and experience their NFT’s and future, they will support the creators with their tips.


Hi Jakub,

As others have mentioned, Mission Driven Pools donate a percentage of their rewards to a good cause. DONO pool is a charity pool set up to donate all profits to charity, focusing on 5 main areas: Air, Sea, Land, Humans, and Animals.

The total delegation is currently at ~38,000, so your addition would be a huge support for the small pool. Mission driven pools are one of my favourite parts of the Cardano ecosystem.

Thank you!

Hi there

Many people here from Mission Driven Pools of which GNP1 is a member. All the pools in this group have great missions and are really worth considering. If you could also consider us at GNP1 that would be great. We are doing our best to build our pool so we can support mental health in these troubling times. We are minting blocks regularly and have some exciting bonus rewards as well. More information at:

My pool hasn’t been created yet (XPPX ticker). 15JUL21 or 23SEP21. It will be owned by two US soldiers. ~100,000 pledged and ~100,000 delegated at inception. Initially, my plan was 0% fees and HODLing all rewards for 5 years. 100% out of pocket.

If I was chosen, I would agree to donating 1000ADA upfront to the “Wounded Warrior” project, using your 50k for a month, and hopefully clearing a block and donating 10% of that to them as well.

That one block would let me be able to put my name in the hat for IOHK/CF.

Hey there and nice to see these gestures!! Small pools are vital to the network security, so thanks for giving them a chance! Please consider NEO as one of them and help us further fine tune our mission! We are starting up, but need some more love from the community to be able to produce steady blocks and flourish! :heart::pray:

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Hello Jakub,

You would help me a lot if you delegated to my Pool, APEX. The website is here:, you will find some information about the pool (and about me), and a few articles that I wrote to help the community. This article Frequently Asked Questions – APEX Stake Pool has helped many people to learn about delegating in Cardano (I personally sent the link to many people and they thanked me for it).

I am very active in the Cardano community on Telegram (mostly) and on Reddit (@apex_pool_spo on telegram, same username as here on Reddit), people already know me on Telegram for trying to help the community with technical issues.

I do not proclaim my Pool as a mission driven pool, because the rewards are 0 so far, but as I wrote on the Pool’s homepage, there will be regular donations to a non-profit organisation that is doing wonders - building hospitals in a country where the state cannot do it.

You will most likely not receive rewards (in the near future) if you delegate to my pool, because the total delegation is too small for the pool to mint blocks, but I hope other delegators will follow and the Pool will start to mint blocks.

The Pool is technically doing very well, I also have a Pool on Testnet which started quickly after the Mainnet one and already minted almost 2500 blocks (Ticker APEXT on Testnet).

Thank you very much for your good intentions,

PS. I have Piggy Tokens to reward my delegators! And also apexcoins!