Hello ADA Holders,

March is approaching and as you already know the saturated level of pools (K parameter) will be changed from 64M to 32M ADA.

If you are staking with pools which have over 32M ADA then you should re-delegate your ADA to another pool (preferably a small pool). This is true, delegating to a SMALL POOL can affect your rewards, certain extent, on short term, but you are a HOLDER (right?) and if you watched the project you already should know that on long term all pools, BIG or SMALL will return to you the same ~5% rewards.

DELEGATORs, you should understand that the POWER of DECENTRALIZATION will be always in your hand! WE, ADA Holders in my vision are not here to make profit in a short term, we want and we believe in CARDANO’s success on long term; We are going for #1 remember? But this can’t be achieved if YOU (delegator) not showing some support for other POOLS.

I will not tell you to support CHRTY pool which btw has a great project ongoing (support children’s education) because CHRTY was included in IOHK delegation program and will receive 3.2M ADA, but I can tell you that are many other great projects ongoing.

If you are interested to find new projects (CHARITABLE) I can provide you a list with few of them (I’m sure there are more others but I didn’t discovered yet)

Mission Driven Pools (MDP) , a group of mission-driven pools, aiming to give back a portion of their earnings to do some good in the world. In doing so, we are differentiating ourselves from other pools and attracting delegators adhering to our respective causes.

:+1: 48 Missions supported.
:+1: 1,715 USD donated.
:+1: 31 Member SPOs.
:+1: 4,346,740 ADA pledged.

Want to know more about MDP, Cardano, or our missions? Please click here

Thank u for your time!


Hello Alex, hello all,

i am also member of this amazing group, and i am glad to Decentralize the Network.

have a nice day,


Great! Thanks for sharing the link. I didn’t know that website. Good to see there are so many spo s making cardano and the world better!

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