Introducing The Ada Charity Pool [HELP]

Hello All,

Myself and a friend have recently launched Ada Charity Pool, Ticker: HELP

We’re a community driven charity pool where each month the community gets to decide on where the charitable funds will go.

We’re in the process of setting up all our pages, but just a short introduction about our pool.

We believe that the community should decide versus having ‘themed months’ for example if a global catastrophe or a new pandemic surfaces the community may decide to use the funds to aid with those global issues.

Each month we poll the community via the website and at the end of the month the funds are sent. We aim to be able to pay directly in ADA when possible, however if this isn’t the case we will sent fiat.

The causes range from: Animal Welfare, Education, Poverty, Humanitarian related causes, and much more, we also have a poll option that if you feel we are missing any causes please let us know and we will add them for the following month.

We believe in full transparency so after the first blocks are minted we will be setting up a ‘causes’ page which will show our transactions and how much ADA has been donated as a running total.

Currently the fees are 340 Ada + a fixed fee of 3% of which 2% goes to charity.

However as ADA increases in value, and as we mint blocks the contribution will increase as we want our pool to have a global outreach. We believe that crypto can have an impact on society.

So having social responsibility through avenues like Cryptocurrency is important.

We firmly believe that Cardano will have greater social impact and we want to be a driver of positive changes.

We hope you may pledge a small amount, and aid us in our mission!

Even if you are unable to delegate (which we hope you can) please take the time to vote on what causes you feel are important for this month via our website.

All of our files are airgapped and we promise 100% uptime.


The Ada Charity Pool Team

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Hi All,

We’ve made some small tweaks to our pool and sent our first reward to charities this week.

Our community voted for Save the Children International, as we currently don’t have enough delegators to mint blocks we donated 20 ADA (24 USD) but as we grow in size the margin % will then take care of the charitable donations. Until then we will ensure our community is represented as part of our mission.

We’d also take the time to say we have recently created a Rewards program, in which every epoch we will be rewarding a delegator with a reward as an added bonus. This will be calculated based on delegation and will be selected by true-randomness (a number generated by atmospheric noise).

Please take your time to vote on our polls for March 2021 and its respective cause:

We have plenty more to come on our roadmap for the community, charitable causes and education.

Thank you for taking your time to read our update.

Kindest Regards,
The Ada Charity Pool [help]