Started a testnet pool - Could use some delegations

Just launched TS0LO (Test S0lo). Would love to see this guy mine something. I dont know how to get testnet delegations, so figured I’d post here.




Thanks Alex. I had posted to that yesterday. But I’m guessing it takes a couple of days for it to be funded.

Hi Alex,

I havent gotten any response from signing up here. My pool still doesnt have a delegation. Do you know if there is anyone I can contact? Obviously there isnt any financial incentive to run a testnet pool. But would be nice to actually see it do something.

Sorry, I don’t know :frowning: perhaps some one else can help u with more infos

Here is some funds delegated (1M). I can see you’ve received the 100M but it’s nice to have a delegator too I guess. You could check some extra functionalities.


Very cool of you. Thank you!

Hi, how did you manage to get the delegation? I have started a pool as well (FSTR). It would be great to get the delegation to produce blocks. Thanks!!

I’ll delegate to you now bud. I put in a request for some more test ada. I’ll need it for GYOA, which we will be making available on testnet so people can try before they buy. If they approve it and send me more, I’ll pass along some to you.