IOHK New Call for delegation to support Small Pools

Dear SPO Community,

my pool and 99 others have been fortunate to be part of the first cohort of “bootstrap delegation” by IOHK since January. This has been of great help to stabilise block production and reward distribution to our delegators.

Now IOHK are calling for a new round of applications (closing April 15th), for the next pools to be allocated the “bootstrap delegation”. Please see the below link for more details and consider applying :partying_face:

Good luck with your applications and all the best,



Thank you for sharing…

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Goodluck every one!

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Thanks for sharing mate, good luck to all small pools !

Cheers Adrem
Think this is such a great initiative to grow the eco-system and increase the strength of Cardano chain. :purple_heart:

HI all,

I just thought I’d point you to some discussions that were had in a previous thread during the first call for delegations:

Some of the issues with the TypeForm have been ironed out, thanks to the great open mind of @benohanlon et al. As @COSDpool had pointed out back then, some of these applications for delegation (I like to equate them to grant applications) can take a long time and even more thought. My suggestions are to:

  • take your time;
  • be honest and open;
  • write your application in a word processor or similar, before actually tackling the TypeForm.

You can easily find out who the successful applicants were for round one, here:
Feel free to ask questions regarding former applications, most (if not all) of the SPOs in the above list have a presence here in the forum.

All the best,