Criteria: Will my pool [VOLVO] ever receive delegation from IOHK?

Dear community!

Could someone share your thoughts/inputs and criteria for receiving delegation from IOHK?

I need some inputs :pray:


As u can see there are no criterias for selecting a pool, but there are so many pools and IOHK can delegate to only 100 pools/3month

You will need to register again when registration will be open again.

I wish u goodluck for the next round;


Yes Alex. I have seen that list. I know I need lot of patience. SO I’m trying get inputs from community who are already got delegations form IOHk.


I am in that list :grinning: and I think these 2 criteria counted for me:

Purpose – is this a purely commercial venture, or is it doing something to give back or pay forward to the community or the wider world (content, education, support for the disadvantaged, sustainable practice, donations to charity, etc. )

Community engagement – are they an active member of the SPO community? Are they adding value through positive role-modelling on social, or supporting other community members via contributing to guilds/alliances etc. Are they helping drive visibility and adoption in an ethical, sustainable way?


I Agree with your points!

I have been following Cardano and holding ADA since 2017. I’m a developer working on DApps! WIll see how its gonna be in future.

I will just run my pool to support decentralization!