Do you think is correct that CF and IOG delegation are on same pool at the same time?

I’ve found that on last delegation round, 11 pools CHRTY, CRFA, CLIO1, SHA, VITAL, ST4NA, SHARP, PEACE, RDLRT, SMAUG, CRFA, received IOG and CF delegation at the same time. As delegation purpose to boostrap small pool, I think they could coordinate and help 11 more pools instead. What do you think? Can they still fix it?

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The Cardano Foundation did change their criterias and will make an announcement soon about this delegation round.

Nevertheless those are all pools which contributed enormus much of their free time since months. Even if it may sounds harsh but im really happy that these pools are supported to give something back. (Im not saying the other SPO’s arent good or important)

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I agree that theese pools deserve it, but once you, let say, “guarantee” three block at epoch to get fixed fee for the pool and a ROS about 5.8% for delegators, I think it’s a good help to boostrap and attract delegators. As now for me the right amount should be 4.5 millions ADA, C.F. could split and help more pools, in order to have a stronger and quicker

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There are too many pools overlap between CF and IOG here. I think there is something wrong in the determine process.

Some more pools are delegated even they are not request, such as EDEN and BLADE.

Too many SPOs give more value in to Cardano ecosystem and they are waiting to support. Small pools need a delegation from 3mil only, this will encourage them to support their community.

Therefore, I suggest that both CF and IOG should move the delegation from the overlap pools to others, which have live stake less than 2m and support a community. This is more impactful.