IOG following CF's lead. Few questions though... Also, #wenemurgo đź‘€

Hello Fam,

Few things come to my mind when looking at founding fathers’ delegation landscape. In order for the ecosystem to thrive - we all shall be pulling in the same direction. It is commendable that we are finally seeing appropriate steps being taken.

To recap some of what we already know:

CF - Original CF methodology ; Review/suggestions
IOG - Delegating with fresh purpose
Emurgo - Moonstake - ??

However, few things come to my mind that I would appreciate further clarification.

Starting with current CF delegations: all the pools that are being delegated to at the moment are forced into zombies losing stake that was accumulated before. Driving away any excess stake.

  • Q1: What are the plans to remedy this situation for these operators?
  • Q2: Has this been communicated with pool operators in any way prior?
  • Q3: Who is in charge of CF delegation strategy?

Further, we see that IOG will soon join ranks of CF in community driven delegations.

  • Q: Have CF and IOG been co-ordinating between each other to ensure there are no overlaps and sensible spread of delegation stake to the biggest possible reach?
    ** If no - why not?
    ** If yes - what are the points you have debated so far when aligning these interests?

Lastly, two of the founding members have made a clear ethos promise on delegation strategy. We are missing the last piece of the puzzle, Emurgo. Surprisingly, we haven’t heard anything from them. As far as we can tell, Emurgo is running their own pools but also delegating to non-community pools. Such as Moonstake that is a multi-currency platform that has seen massive outages in operation not so long ago.

  • Q1: Is there any indication Emurgo will follow Cardano’s ethos and join CF/IOG in community delegations?
  • Q2: Why is there support for multi-currency staking platform all together instead of mission driven community pools?
  • Q3: To help community understand - what is Emurgo’s current delegation strategy and reasoning behind it?

Thank you all for your work and looking forward to learning and understanding about all of above.




This. Very interesting. Hope to see feedback from Emurgo on this soon.

Hi Danny.

Thanks for your questions. I will discuss these with our team tomorrow and see which questions we can address from our side.

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