Cardano's Community Speaks Up: IOHK & Cardano Foundation Fiasco

I did my research and contemplated for a while on whether I should give my two cents on the latest event of the open letter provided by the Guardians of Cardano. After CH released his brief video, I figured it was time to give the community a transparent opinion. Not to say that CH wasn’t transparent, I believe he gave an honest response. Check out my latest video on this topic.

Link to video:


Spot on @Berry3k, seeing what has been accomplished without CF, now think of how far Cardano will go when the CF is set right.


Thanks Berry we need all the community voices on this subject so great work.

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Yup. The community will only grow and get stronger. Especially when voting rights implemented.

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Thanks! I tried my best to inform and give a broad prospective


Great video @Berry3k, thank you for helping to raise awareness about our situation!

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