Loyalty before Royalty - Rift between IOHK and the Cardano Foundation

Loyalty before Royalty - Rift between IOHK and the Cardano Foundation

By @philpa


An apology to @philpa for adding to his personal video below, should you wish to remove it, do so, as I’m running on endorphins and probably not capable of posting the correct thing.


Thanks. :slight_smile:


I posted the video above as I’m going through some soul searching, a direct result of the CF, Philippe’s passion added to my course, my outrage is my own.

Evidence #1

Reality #1

Mr. Michael Parsons FCA chairman of CF did not attend any country opening trip, where is his passion?

My indignation follows reading on is not advised.

Fallout, I was working with two large holders of Cardano, since September 9, 2018, both have been actively selling all their holdings, somehow they knew about the public announcement before it became public (speculation on my part, just a coincidence really), never a word my way as of their complete change of course. That is until all of this went public, then I got an email saying my services were no longer going to be needed and I should cancel all infrastructure plans ASAP.

Since my “friends” sold all their ADA and instructed me to do the same before it is too late, but only after they got out, of course, I say to the both of you, knowing that neither will ever read this post, but if they do, FU.


Are you serious? That is terrible.


Hey Philpa,
Thankyou for your video mate. Keep up the good work. I have only been in this space for a relatively short time but I am a huge believer in the Cardano project and some of that belief is based on watching your great videos over the last three or four months. I have been curious for some time now about the role of the CF and the events of the last 24 hours has made my curiosity much clearer.
Keep up the good work, it is people like you and a few others that will help us and this fantastic project move forward.
Regards Jim


Sadly yes, their email arrived Friday at the close of the day.

Very unfortunate. We will have our day.


We will make Cardano a success.


Great video and we need more people like you in the media.


thank you. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear that but perhaps it’s best you found out now who your partners would be. I am optimistic new opportunities will come your way!



Thanks for the positive thoughts.

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How far are you into the project?

Far, I’m fine though, as @Donnybaseball stated better now than later.

The fallout around this is awful, having to cut back on nodes, all were slated to run not only Cardano but for instance:


I understand. Thanks for sharing.

Fact, Cardano has the best community going.


Well Jotunn they do because they have among others you. Keep faith. If you are doing a staking pool I will be there to support you.

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Thank you, know this though by staking you will be, no matter who any one chooses, Cardano is making sure of that. :wink: