Charles video update about Michael Parson's resignation!


It’s great to have Charles spread that news to the world. But before doing all that future work that Charles proposes, I think it’s most important that CF provides full transparency about its actual status. Only this can lead to regain trust and I think this is what CF is missing most right now. Full transparency means to me also that Pascal Schmid gives some statement about his involvement in several dozens of companies and foundations including Cardano AG. I would like to know how he can handle all this. Did he even do work for Cardano Foundation and Cardano AG or did he just get paid to be a Swiss member of the board? It’s good to hear that Charles trusts him. I would like to do this too on the basis of more information.


The Guardians of Cardano’s open letter to Michael Parson provided a very good summary of what the foundation should have been doing. It would be great to see the new chairman and board members at least tick off the suggestions outlined in that document.


Transparency, yes. And a wallet that works reliably.

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