CarDone video

Charles broadcasted from his Car what was done recently.


Thanks for posting it. It’s fantastic and I wish he would do more of this. Frankly, there are a lot of charlatans in this space, and it would do crypto in general a great service if Hoskinson got more mainstream exposure. Great demeanor and clear thinker.

On another note, do you or anyone here have any experience with Mantis (ETC client) as I this will be opted as the client for CL? Vantuz ‘the Brain’… (@vantuz-subhuman) any thoughts? I’m guessing he or one of the other many brilliant characters on the forum might be able to speak to this part of the update. I’d love to read any opinions on this.

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Thanks for sharing…great update before the next update…:wink:

So what happened here? Charles received a call while driving and someone on the other end of the call was desperate to hear of Cardano public news??? So he pulls over and streams some of the updates he has??

Jokes, huh?

I think that he is setting a standard, a standard that will be referred to in years to come, this guy is putting his life into this project and that should not go unnoticed, Cardano has already rewarded it’s investor’s - (err givin them the chance to be rewarded at unbelievable gains) I think little things like an update from his car needs to be remembered if the man decides to head the project past 2020, let’s remember these day’s and the work he is putting in that show’s he deserves to be there for another 5 years - even if crypto/ADA tanks, this guy is truly putting heart and soul into this project.
Thanx for sharing.


Hi! Mantis is an ETC client, so it’s already have some EVM implementation in it. It was long ago planned for KEVM (K-framework based Ethereum Virtual Machine) to replace the standard EVM in Mantis. This - if successful - would make Mantis prolly the safest ETC client there is, because it will be literally proved to have no unexpected VM-bugs (to a degree a formal verification may guarantee it).

As I understand, Charles talking about the fact that they will release KEVM-based version of Mantis first order and ASAP after getting hold of KEVM itself, so they can test it out themselves and to show it to people. But there’s no mention of it having any relation to Cardano in any way. It’s just that KEVM will be used both in Mantis and in Cardano-CL.

‘Pinky’ is more like my spirit-animal. Thanks to all the really smart people in this community - I’m also just get to ask some interesting questions =)



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  • Upcoming Cardano 1.2 release in May.
    • Paper wallet feature finished, security audit done, now undergoing testing.
    • Much faster wallet restoration from seed.
  • Smart contract testnets coming.
    • Ethereum-like smart contract support using KEVM semantics will be available for the Mantis Ethereum Classic client, this is to prove that the K framework works well in practice.
    • Another testnet for IELE will be released after. This should make it possible to write smart contracts in a number of popular languages.
    • There will be an extensive video update by a project manager on what Runtime Verification has been working on the past 6 months.
  • Research progress.
    • New paper about a massive update to Ouroboros is finished and will be released on IACR’s eprint archive. It solves the bootstrap-from-genesis problem, making Ouroboros’ security equivalent to PoW protocols’. It makes is possible for any new connecting client (wallet) to verify the blockchain using only the genesis block. This improves decentralization, as the clients don’t need to rely on trusted parties to provide checkpoints for them. This was already a thing in PoW cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but now Cardano’s PoS protocol will have the same security benefits as those and there’s mathematical proof of it.
    • Ouroboros was accepted to the Eurocrypt 2018 conference in Israel, where IOHK will showcase it among other things.
    • Paper about staking pools by Elias Koutsoupias is under development.
    • High level model for the complex problem of delegation is done, solving problems like how to handle exchanges having your money or cold staking from a paper wallet or Ledger device. Now comes writing specifications and the implementation, which will take a while.
  • Development is moving to be more specification-driven.
    • Formal specification documents will be released in some weeks. This should make it possible for an independent engineering team to write Cardano backend (node) or wallet software, be it desktop or mobile.
    • The backend is being rewritten according to these specs. Rewrite of the backend is expected to be complete in about June-July.
    • Specs are difficult to read, so Director of Education Lars Brünjes will make a video series to break down how the specification works and what it’s all about.
    • A later goal is proving formal correctness of the implementation, proving that it works exactly according to specs.
  • IOHK has grown some, they hired 27 people in the last 3 months.
  • Charles will be travelling to Ethiopia to talk with some people and the government, there’ll potentially be a Haskell class there.

Ahh this is what I misunderstood. ‘Pinky’ it is. lol… Thank you. Enlightening as always.

What’s launch date for smart contract testnets? When is the release date for Cardano 1.2? Will there be a new version of Daedalus wallet coming out with the new release? The current version is 1.1.5813

Thank you

Please don’t ask same questions in multiple topic, thank you. See answer here:

Thank you for your fast response