Cardano Foundation Community Managers | TCE 36

Cardano Foundation Community Managers Andy Hendrix, Maki Mukai, Niels Schoof, and Ben O’Hanlon join Rick and Philippe to talk about what it takes to be Cardano Community Managers.


This is a good episode. Enjoyed learning more about the CF CM team.


This episode was revealing to me, our community is being recruited by the trinity: IOHK-Emurgo- The Cardano Foundation.
The dedicated Cardano activist’s that truly care about the future of the protocol are being called on to protect it in an official position, I personally love it, to date the members of the community that are now involved with the trinity are becoming innumerable - its awesome!


Was also interesting to hear that @maki.mukai is transitioning to IOHK. I wonder if this is the Economics person transitioning to IOHK that Charles mentioned in his latest video update!

Thanks for the transparency and dedication to our community managers!

Edited for personal reason’s :wink:

:rofl: Haha no!

Maki’s great, but a professional economist who is working on several different projects and at the same time holding down a community manager job (and doing it so well :smile:) ? Sounds more like a superhero than a human being… :grin:


Rob’s right, I’m definitely no superhero! :see_no_evil:
I’m moving into a Product Marketing role at IOHK - transitioning into it and doing both at the moment, but will definitely miss the Community responsibilities! Will come back in here to chat with all of you though :heart: