Cardano First Year Anniversary! Infographic Series

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Cardano project, IOHK has created a series of infographics to highlight the key achievements in the last year.

Check out the series below and thank you for being part of the community!

Chinese Infographics

Korean Infographics

KO-infographic KO-infographic-highlights

Japanese Infographics



happy birthday! this is really nicely designed!

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Happy Birthday to Cardano!!! :tada::tada::tada::birthday::cake::candy::lollipop::blush:

Very beautiful infographic! :open_mouth::heart_eyes::heart:

Don’t forget our congratulations for 1 year since the very first transaction :wink::wink::wink:


When I see a beautiful women, I dont care because I need to see if she is beautiful inside too. Your inforgrahgic is nice but I need to see improvement in the core of the project.

  • EMURGO is definitely not doing what we pay them for!!!



I agree with your argument on beautiful people, but I see pretty good progress on the core stuff. Have you looked at the details, for example that “beauty” of incentives Paper written by Lars Brünjes and his colleagues?
What is Emurgo doing wrong in your honest opinion?


Have you checked out any of the recent developments from IOHK? Their videos, papers, codebase…? How about that nice, new mobile wallet, Infinito, that was built with Rust codebase,…code that IOHK helped to provide.
I suppose you haven’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be ‘needing’ to ask about the improvements. I suggest you check out their YT channel here:

I agree that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but are you a blockchain dev? Do you go and ask the car dealer whether your car’s insides are up for the job, transporting you safely from A to B ever time you buy a new car? Or inspect the airplane’s core elements, before taking off? I bet you don’t…


We? I’m not paying Emurgo… are you paying Emurgo? Do you have anything to show for this claim? Are you an early (ICO) investor that helped found/fund the company?

Sad to hear Emurgo isn’t living up to your exact expectations, but what you truly want to say is: I’m holding ADA bags for a while now, please raise the hype/price with some fancy updates, so that I can feel happy again.

I hope you enjoyed reading my reply as much as I enjoyed writing it. Au revoir monsieur.

EDIT: I almost forgot to praise the people whomever made these infographics. They’re a great way to help visualize the various aspects of the project. Great job! Thanks for the hard work @IOHK_Laurie


This is Cardano’s birthday. Not all are born the same. I believe in this project though I don’t trust CF! As far as we have CH on our side this project will succeed and will succeed BIG time! Let’s show the world what Cardano is!!


Work it out in a DM guys, or stay on-topic. Keep the ad- hominem attacks for your twitter feeds. That seems the thing bluebird is used for most of the times anyway. Trolling and ad-hominem responses to trolling. i guess we can all attest to that being true… :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see you in here, if you make an introductory post i’m sure everyone will be keen to welcome you.


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Great visual, love it! :sunglasses:


this illustrates interest, but i feel it’s quantitative, not qualitative.

i’m working on (qualitatively) making the community become cohesive, so if you’re interested just reach out. i’m keen to hear your thoughts and or have you onboard!