Cardano Rust & CLI wallet infographic


IOHK is pleased to release the infographics for the CLI wallet, check it out below:

If Cardano were to release an 'infomercial' what might it say?

Excellent infographic. I love the style. :ok_hand:


Great work!

IOHK and Emurgo are building out so many interesting technologies it would be really useful to have a visual guide like this for each of them.


This kind of inforgraphic is exactly what we need for all the components of Cardano. Simple, distilled, illustrated information.

Daedalus, Ouroboros, Staking, Treasury.


Wow, the design is pretty dang cool!!


This is super! I love it.


Awesome. Things are looking good.


Love it!! Cardano has a very bright future. Thank you Charles, IOHK, Emurgo, and everyone involved in this beast of a protocol. Happy to be part of this wonderful journey


This is great! Thank you for sharing.


@IOHK_Laurie are these hosted as a web page somewhere? If so can you please share the link?


This is dope, great colour scheme and artwork!!


I added the wallet to the