Cardano-cli cheat sheet for learning purposes

Hello everyone. I built a new graphical document containing all Cardano-cli commands and subcommands with some explanation on how to put them together to communicate with a Cardano node. Commands and options can be easily copied/pasted for your scripts. I hope you enjoy it and that it will contribute to the general understanding of how our Cardano blockchain works :smiley::+1: Here is the document in PDF format:
Cardano-cli cheat sheet.pdf (697.1 KB)


Cool, I’m sharing to Gimbalabs


Great job :+1:

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nice work!

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Thank you. Feel free to send me your suggestions on how to improve it or if there is anything in this document that you don’t understand that needs clarification.

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Thanks @Hornan for your amazing cardano-cli cheat sheet.

I just added it to a this list of Cardano learning resources under the cardano-node and cardano-cli heading so that more people will find it.

Thanks again for creating the content.

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thank you! :grin:

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