New article: Unraveling the Myths of Cardano’s Nomenclature

Just published a new Cardano article on Hackernoon, this time about the nomenclature used in Cardano. Why is the ticker of Cardano’s cryptocurrency is “ADA”, and why are its wallets are named after Greek myths? What is the project named after in the first place, and who are all the people mentioned in the roadmap release titles? Read more on it here:

Edit: the article is now also available in Russian.


Wow that is a great article Belowsearcher. Can I steal it and recycle it as an outline for a piece on The Cardano Effect podcast? I would cite and link the article and cred you as the author.

We plan on doing another Cardano 101 segment and this article would fit perfectly in a 10 minute chunk of the podcast.



Thanks for the kind words Rick, off course you can use it for the Cardano Effect podcast. Most of the references to the people related to the nomenclature I made were quite short to keep the article readable, I can imagine discussing it in a podcast-form might be cool to add some more detail. Sebastien already added a nice short explanation of why Ouroboros is a good name for the technical protocol itself, I’m sure you guys will be able to add some more interesting thoughts to it. Looking forward to it! :ok_hand:t2:


I also would like to note that the way you formatted the article reads very well on a cell phone.