A Very Brief Overview of Cardano

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I just published my first Cardano article - A Very Brief Overview of Cardano. It’s mean to be a quick introduction to Cardano that is a resource for Cardano supporters to share with the friends and family that are new to the project.

I hope it’s helpful and you all like it. Please share with anyone you think it might help.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have as well.

Cardano Dan


Thank you @CardanoDan, love to see this.

Good to know: “Growing the global Cardano Community” is only one of the five core missions that Cardano Foundation has. You can find the missions on: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/

It’s not super-important to you and of course you can do whatever you want but as some sort “content-creator-random-fact”: when talking about the cryptocurrency in English, we don’t capitalize “ada” (unless of course at the beginning of a sentence)

The idea behind this is to treat it like dollars or euros. I often see capitalised “ADA” which stands for the ticker symbol only. If you are in doubt, in English, prefer “ada” over “ADA”.


I had no idea about the capitalization of ada. I always use the ticker symbol. Good to know. I will not do this anymore

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Thanks @adatainment! Great info.

I did know I was oversimplifying Cardano Foundation’s role with the TLDR version. I hope that people follow the link to the Foundation’s team page that I put above that.

I did not know that ada is preferred over ADA when not using the ticker. I like the thinking behind that! I will do my part in helping others get up to speed on that!

Thanks for the feedback!

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I updated the article and am about to lay some knowledge down on the community on Twitter. :smiley:

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