Announcing the Cardano Ambassador Program

I’d like to contribute to Cardano meetups. DM me on Telegram @maki.mukai please.

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Thanks for the reminder. After New Years I’ll reach out to Nico from Emurgo. He had a good power point he used at our last meet up.


Great. Please keep me posted.

I submitted several people, some of whom may have already been submitted. I think it is better to have duplicates than to miss a person.

Happy New Year,


If you could use the assistance, I’d be willing to volunteer some time to be an editor/proofreader for English articles, documents, etc. I am a retired school teacher with a Master of Edu. Please feel free to contact me on the matter.

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I certainly could use your help. Language Art wasn’t my shining moment in high school or college. Did better in calculus than essays. I have a white paper, and some blog articles. Thanks for offering. I’ll be in contact.


Great! You’re very welcome.

Yes. You are right.

Emurgo had internal preparation for Evangelist Project last year. And it was canceled before even announcing it.

Any reason it was cancelled? Doesn’t make sense not to run such a program.

So is there any incentive mechanism built into the ambassador program? I haven’t seen any information on this?

I Do Not Know Yet What Was the Reason It was canceled.

Nothing has been shared in public about incentives yet.

I guess it’s being defined now. Hopefully.

Nevertheless for those who are heavily invested in ADA or to those who truly believe Cardano is a game changer and will revolutionize our world, this should be a pretty damn good incentive to start with.

However I am pro incentive for this program.

Find out a few more observations we had here:

I agree, however, since the project is still in beta and most people have full time jobs and families it’s going to be hard to get any real momentum without any incentivization. EOS and Tron are throwing a lot of their own events and giving rewards out left and right.


The importance for incentives with quite a few good examples were brought up last year September, which is why I am surprised it was published without it.

I hope we get more Community involvement & consultation about this program.

ông biết khả năng mở rộng như nào ko, bao nhiêu giao dịch trên giây, tôi ko rõ cái này

I have started a movement that is catching momentum and has the potential to spread awareness and adoption to the general public in relation to how many people participate. It doesn’t require much $ but it does need a lot of people participating.

Of course some ADA for incentives would increase participation.

If we had 1000 people dedicating only 5 minutes per day to this it would become a nationally recognized movement.


How about this program ? who anyone know ?

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We need feedback on the Community questions here (for more then a month there is nothing in this context) and an open & public consultation to shape the program together (!) to something sustainable and mature.

We need proposals, brainstorming, collaboration & conversation about the program and not one-sided announcements & releases.

Work with the Community on this please! We have amazing motivated talent & potential in the Community you need to utilize for the benefit of these programs.

And the same would apply to the Cardano Hubs.