The Evolution Movement (2.0)

So I’ve started a movement called “The Evolution.” This is primarily a grass-roots, boots-on-the-ground movement that is being spread and organized via Meetup groups. At the core of the movement is a specifically formulated, very condensed and powerful guerrilla marketing tactic. Here is the tactic:

We are tagging (marking a landmark with a symbol associated with a person or a movement. Think “Occupy Wall Street” meets Banksy) the world reserve currency with the ADA symbol. Let this sink in a bit.

We are tagging the world reserve currency with the ADA symbol.

The phrase under the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill translates as: “New World Order”. The statement is clear. This action, in conjunction with the name of the movement “The Evolution” says very clearly that ADA is the evolution of $.

Up until now I had been keeping this to private messaging because I assumed it was illegal, but apparently it isn’t: so I feel it’s okay to open it up to public forums.

Let me point out why this tactic is so powerful; why it holds the potential to become a nationally recognized movement:

  1. The tactic is simple to carry out. It would take very little effort for every person involved in the movement to stamp and put into circulation 5 or 10 bills each and every day.

  2. The message is powerful and is summed up perfectly in one tactile experience. The message is delivered in the form of an experience. A person is touching and seeing the image in a transaction. This makes it far more memorable than an ad.

  3. Goals are easily identified (eg: put a million bills into circulation; get a national news story done on it) and progress easily tracked (each participant keeps track of the # of bills he\she has tagged).

  4. The fact that it’s perceived as being quasi-legal makes participation exciting and instills a sense of community and solidarity (think “Fight Club” without the fisticuffs and explosions).

  5. By the time people start talking about seeing this “A” type symbol on more than once, some of the population will have seen it, either consciously or subconsciously. By the time it hits the news, most of the population will have seen it consciously or subconsciously. At this point it will be a national movement.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Now, does this community have the motivation to DO IT!?! This thread is not about any other ideas that you think are better. You may have great marketing ideas; please feel free to share them elsewhere. This thread is about recruiting an army to help free the sheeple from the deception and inequality of current systems.

If you want to be a part of this movement, PM me. Or, if it sounds cool but are more of a lone wolf, you can do what I did and get a rubber stamp of the ADA symbol, a black ink pad, and go for it yourself. I got a old-school stamp and tweaked it a bit (cut the excess off) as to make placement more accurate. Here is the file I used: 17 millimeters tall (2/3rds of an inch) fits nicely over the pyramid.

The Evolution movement holds the potential to become bigger than the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, but what will make it different is that we in the movement are not trying to fix the system using the system, we are Evolving out of the system. All of us here recognize the potential of Cardano to truly make the world a better place. Isn’t it exciting to be part of a world-changing movement? What an opportunity!

Let’s band together in solidarity, as a strong, organized, motivated community, and do this. Share this with anyone and everyone who you think might be interested.



We should post a few variations of “what is the “A” symbol stamped on the back of the dollar mean?” and answer it as well, so when people search for it a few suggestions will automatically pop up.

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Agreed. I’ll get that stamp in the mail to you within a couple of days. I’ll let you pick up the cost of the ink pad. Shouldn’t be more than $5.00.

So some additional research points toward the stamping of a political statement on a bill is not illegal, whereas advertising is. As my original idea came out of the desire to make a statement, I feel we’re good to go.

Heck, we could encourage people to just use a ruler and a marker for free. It wouldn’t take long to mark 5 bills every day with just a ruler and a marker.

Anyone worried, whether this is legal or illegal, I have found this:

Though note it may also depend on what you actually stamp on the bill. Whether it´s a number or a logo can make a difference in this “legal context”.


It should be legal to write anything on your money, that paper dollar is yours already, so feel free to write anything.