Here's a way to become more involved in the spreading of the awareness and adoption of Ada

This movement is implanting into public consciousness the meme that ADA is the evolution of money, by utilizing a powerful guerrilla marketing method.

Sounds fun, no?

There was a part in the video where I addressed people like you. Did you catch that part?

I’m working on creating a nation-wide movement to spread awareness and adoption of ADA, and you’re doing petty shit like that? Really?

No. And I don’t know who are “people like me”. All I know is that it will be hard to convince people if you tell them that it’s all planned and ready but you can’t tell them what will happen. That sounds a bit obscure.

Oh, come one, don’t be bitter. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, so if I did, sorry for that. I like to have some fun with everything I do but obviously this subject is to serious for you to have fun-stuff in it.

By the way: Why do you want to restrict your movement to nation-wide?

Yeah, usually I see the humor in things but I guess this is my baby so I’m a bit defensive. I’ll PM you as to why it"s limted to the US.