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I was thinking it would be a good idea to start a thread where people interested in hosting meetups could talk to one another for support, exchange of ideas, etc.

First question is how many people are on this Forum now that are interested in hosting or have hosted a meet up in their hometown?



Great idea @Donnybaseball - I’ve suggested something similar on a number of occasions and also a monthly call / video chat for organisers and people looking to host a meetup.


Just held my first “The Evolution” Meetup, and there’s a lot of passion (anger and frustration) out there against the banking system and the government. If we tap into those emotions and market Ada as an alternative to THE SYSTEM, well there’s your product. A product that is poised to change the world. Just by buying and holding Ada, one has joined the movement to the new system based on TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY. If we take this approach we can start marketing now . We gotta beat the other projects to the punch.

People want change. We have a product that is changing the world. If we do this right we can be the first out of the gate to appeal to the general public. The biggest hurdle is the actual doing.

An organised, coordinated, effort is far more efficient than a bunch of people doing their own thing. We can make this a movement by following roughly the same “playbook” (same title, symbol, general ideology). I think we should fucking go for this!

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These are great ideas- I’m interested.

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The “natural” product for this market is BTC. At least they’ve already heard of it! ADA is for those who can appreciate third gen crypto.

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Then we politely point out how Ada is vastly superior to all the other projects.

Hook them first with the ideology, then reel them in to Ada.

To clarify my previous response- I’d be willing to hop on a monthly call.

Donny- to answer your question, I have hosted a meetup in Boulder, Colorado and plan to host another in January or February.

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Yup. Tough to start a movement.

Awsome thanks. Anything I can do to help increase turn out for you? Are you familiar with this meet up group?

Might be some people interested from there…

Having our meet up at Dlabs in NYC definitely helped us with turn out. Any crypto companies or tech startup/accelerator type programs out your way that you could team up with? They like it because it brings interesting people their way and helps with their promotion.

Also Nico from Emurgo had a good power point maybe I can get access to it and other promotional materials. May be possible to get someone to Skype into a meetup as well.

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I’d love to be part of a call to give me a hand with my first upcoming Meetup. I do not have a background in cryptography or computer engineering. I’m just a blue collar worker who loves the premise and I want to he a part of furthering this project. I have no idea what materials I should have for our first meet and greet. Thanks.


Sounds good I’ll send you an email. What part of the world are you from?

I am from Chicago Illinois in the USA. I have put together a Meetup group and we are meeting on the 18th at a coffee shop. How about yourself?


Nice, I’m from the NYC area. Had a couple of meetups here so far. First one was small and informal, fun though. I don’t care if one guy shows up I like meeting people. Did you get much interest yet?

Did some quick Google searches and found this:

Chicago Cryptocurrency Club

Chicago, IL
567 Crypto Millionaires

Chicago Cryptocurrency Club is a group of people who are interested in trading or investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs and other cryptocurrency in blockchain space. JOIN Teleg...

Next Meetup

Trading Show Chicago 2019

Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 9:00 AM
12 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Looks like the blockchain project is having a meet up the day before yours. You may want to check it out if you have the time they look like they could be a resource. Maybe we could introduce them to Emurgo.


Yeah, I attend that ‘Boulder Blockchain’ Meetup from time to time - it’s a good one. Would be great if Nico shared that deck he presented at NYC Meetup. Some sort of ‘starter’ kit would be beneficial. At the same time, I have no problem building stuff myself - but, would think a standard deck would be a win-win.

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Ok I’ll ask him in a couple of days after he gets back from Plutusfest.

I started a Meetup for Utah!
Going to go with a Spring Meetup on the 23rd March 19’
I do not personally know nobody here interested in Cardano :sweat_smile: Utah is working on developing the Silicon Slopes so I hope I get some attendees, do you guy’s have some tips for me to bring in some attendees?


Hell maybe I’ll go! Where in Utah? Salt lake area? Looks like we will have some time to find some people so that is good.

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So I’m going to state my case one last time.

A coordinated, designed movement is far more effective than a bunch of people doing their own thing.

All I’m suggesting is that the meetups started by Cardano community members have the same title, use the Ada symbol, and approach the marketing using the same general playbook/philosophy.

Here is the group I started a few days ago:

I feel that the demographic we should be appealing to is the general public, especially those who are disillusioned with the banking system and the government. Those who know how the system works are pissed and those who don’t know how it works need to be informed. Then they will get pissed.

Look at what’s happening in France. This WILL happen in the U.S… The table is set for the worst world wide depression in 100 years. The income gap is too unbalanced. People are going to revolt.

Crypto is the way out of the current corrupt system. We have the opportunity to lead the charge and get people passionate enough about this mess to actually DO SOMETHING about it. The doing is to simply buy crypto (esp. ADA).

In order to plant the meme of “crypto = change” into the general public, we need to educate how fucked up the current system really is. This kind of approach:

Shit is getting real out there. The sheeple need to be informed. We need to start fighting back with our private keys before we’re fighting with guns.