Virtual Pub Meet-Up

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Virtual Pub Meet-up Review Our first Online Pub meeting went very well.
The second was still enjoyed by all those who attended, a bit like the price of ADA the numbers were down.
This Thursday let’s show support and get those numbers back up.
For the long-term investor, we know there will be some ups and downs but let’s get those ups and downs in a higher price bracket where they belong.
With Goguen and Voltaire almost upon us there are some exciting times ahead but let’s not forget how far we have come and how much we have already achieved. The roadmap may not be complete, but the foundations are solid and ADA is already one of the best cryptocurrencies around. We just need to get that message out there.
This Thursday amongst other topics maybe we can discuss ways to promote ADA and spread the message.
I would also like to discuss the meeting itself. How often should it be held when and what time. What are people looking for in an online pub meet up and what can be done to improve. All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
It’s your meeting.
For more details sign up here to let us know you are coming
Hopefully see you there Thursday.
The Blue and Orange