Meetup in Chicago

Hey Cardano Fans. I am interested to setting up a meetup in Chicago. Let me know if anyone wants to join forces and organize something together. You can also reach me via email at Cheers,



I’m in.
Would it be an idea to create a group in ?

Hey ADAViking, great to have you on board. Yes that would be a good idea. Do you live in the Chicago land area? I had in mind to host the meet up in 1871 space in the Merchandise Mart. I just thought about hosting a meet up about a week ago so all ideas are welcomed to get started.

I live in Lake Geneva, so close enough.
You know Chicago better than me, but any location with accessible parking is doable.
Maybe just set a date about a month into the future so the date can mature.
Any and all ADA related enthusiasts I guess. Some are curious, investors, pool operators, young/old, the more the merrier.
Personally I am an investor, but also want to run a pool to partake in the culture along with the business aspect of it. However after passively participating in a workgroup how to set up the Node, I have come to terms with my limitations, and I will be looking to assemble a team to build and run the pool node.

Yeah, I am in the same boat. I’m an investor and also interested to run a pool but lack the technical expertise. I will look to put together a meet up group and just see who shows up. Lets think about more or less some structure of the meet up and what all we want to showcase. I imagine the first one will be a bit rocky just don’t want to waste anyones time.

Join the Chicago Meetup page:

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Thanks for spearheading this.
Chicago is so dynamic, and with its long history of stock exchanges and options houses, cryptocurrencies are probably topic of conversation on many happy hour arenas around town.
Looks like the snapshot will happen November around 12’th, followed by the Test Net, so I guess that and staking, along with Crypto security will be valid topics of discussion, along with educating about the Cardano potential beyond being an investment.

Count me in…keep it easy to access via train! public transpiration…I don’t know the city driving too well…

Hey ijblissjr. Great to have you on board. Here is a link to join the meetup group.

I am consider 1871 space inside the Merchandise Mart for a meetup.